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Free Book Friday – The Janus Reprisal


Robert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal
Jamie Freveletti


With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the president was forced to establish his own clandestine group–Covert-One. It is activated only as a last resort, when the threat is on a global scale and time is running out. — THE JANUS REPRISAL — It begins with a terrorist attack. Covert-One operative Colonel Jon Smith is attending a conference in The Hague on infectious diseases, together with leading scientists and political figures from around the world. Without warning, the conference hotel is consumed in a bloodbath. Smith is caught in the crossfire and barely escapes . . . but not before discovering a picture of himself and two other targets in the pocket of one of the shooters.

But the hotel is not the only location under attack in The Hague. Bombs are going off at the train station, the airport, and the International Criminal Court, where Pakistani warlord Oman Dattar is being held while he’s tried for crimes against humanity. In the resulting chaos, the prisoner escapes.

Dattar nurses a special hatred for the United States and its allies. With his freedom, and access to a mysterious new weapon, Dattar puts in motion a murderous, ambitious plot to exact his revenge and bring down the West once and for all–unless Covert-One can stop him.


ISBN 9781455521708, Paperback

To enter, simply leave a comment on this Blog post. You must be a PaperBackSwap member in good standing to win.

We will choose 1 winner at random from comments we receive here on the Blog from PBS members.

You have until Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 12 noon EST, to leave a comment.

Good Luck to everyone!


Note: All the books given away on Free Book Friday are available in the PBS Market. We have thousands of new and new overstock titles available right now, with more added hourly. Some of the prices are amazing – and you can use a PBS credit to make the deal even better!





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57 Responses to “Free Book Friday – The Janus Reprisal”

  1. HELEN R. says:

    So happy with paperbackswap. I have recommended this site to so many people. I love reading the numerous books I receive and then passing on my love of reading to others.

  2. Erika Gardner says:

    L<3VE PBSwap

  3. t02s03b11d20 says:

    Sure, I am interested

  4. Laurie G. says:

    Would love to receive a book. It’s been so long since those on my Wish List have been available. Happy weekend to all!

  5. Debra W. (debmomof6) says:

    paperbackswap is my jam!

  6. Porter G. (daddydude) says:

    I have had some pretty great swaps and talked with some pretty cool people on the club e-mail. really enjoy browsing different genre’s and can often collect complete series of books. really enjoy the club.

  7. Shauna G. (MommaG) says:

    I love Paperbackswap. Thank you for helping me offset a limited budget so my students can have new, interesting books to read.

  8. Betty V. (bettyv) says:

    Include me in!

  9. Eston C. (Eston) says:

    PBS needs better marketing. Such a green program and everyone should use it. I try and promote as much as possible and have had quite a few friends use it.

  10. Debra J. (homemakerdeb) says:

    This sounds like a great book! Would love to read this book!! I love PBS!

  11. Frances W. (Francesw) says:

    Looks interesting.

  12. Kathy T. (kataz) says:

    Paperback Swap is awesome. Have read so many books that I would not have ordinarily knew about.

  13. Kay R. (Frenchielover) says:

    Always happy to receive a new book. Thanks.

  14. John S. says:

    I would love to get the free book as I have read several of the Jason Bourne series and have not read this one which would be great to accomplish!

    Good luck to all and happy reading!!

  15. Norma T. (proofreader) says:

    Love PBS! Not only has it been fun to exchange the books, but it’s been interesting to touch base with readers in other areas of the country.

  16. Angel K. (thrnbrooke) says:

    I love this site and recommend it to all my sister librarians in our charter. This book sounds amazing!!!

  17. Rosemary G. (trinket7) says:

    I would love to get this book. Count me in!

  18. Melanie B. (MJreaderbee) , says:

    Free book Friday is great amd Paperback swap is the bomb!

  19. Jay N. (ajdowning) says:

    I need to read the Jason Bourne series. I have some of Robert Ludlum’s books. I’m not a big fan of action but I would still read this book.

  20. Julie D. (julesatonebookshy) says:

    I would love to win this! Both my husband and I enjoy the Bourne stories.

  21. Laura G. (summersoff) says:

    Send it my way.

  22. Jim P. (bigerelf) says:

    I’m also. Up to date with Jason and all the movies but would love to get this to read before another movie is made! Thanks PBS

  23. Marsha C. (MarshaWC) says:

    What a wonderful idea! Free book Friday! This week’s book sounds action packed and would be a good one to read on a rainy day.

  24. Lorraine J. K. (swindy48) says:

    I think this is such a great idea ! Who wouldn’t love a free book? This one seems to have lots of action and a few twists and turns. Great book for on the couch with a warm throw, a nice hot drink, and a super snowy day. Line me up !!! I’m ready.

  25. Put me in the hat for this one! Thanks!

  26. Martha R. (mmrichey) says:

    Hoping I get this book! I’ve got a son who is an action book reader and would love it!!

  27. Wendy S. (horsesrtherapy) says:

    Love Paperbackswap!! Have gotten so many great books! Thank you!

  28. Lisa R. (keizerfire) says:

    I”ve read a lot of the Bourne books, but I don’t think I’ve read this one!

  29. Lisa R. (keizerfire) says:

    I really love using Paperbackswap. It’s my favorite way to send and receive books!

  30. Hilda B. (orianwyn) says:

    Reading has been an escape for me since I was a child. So glad I found paperback swap several years ago!!

  31. Liz F. (AlamoLiz) says:

    Serial Bibliophile / Librarian / English instructor / Book Reviewer seeks meaningful relationship with new and “around-the-block” stories.

  32. Sherry R. (jadefrog) , says:

    Thanks so much for all the great opportunities paperbackswap provides. I’m very grateful.
    Read on! Would love to win this free book!

  33. I really enjoy Paperback Swap. Lots of good books to choose from.

  34. Kelley O. (Kelleyanne) says:

    No idea what this book is about, but I’m always up for a free book (because I ONLY have 33 books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet!).

  35. Betty W. (bejuwi) says:

    I have enjoyed the swaps/and swapping with others for many years. I love!

  36. Elaine W. says:

    Wow! Being a new member (since about last Sept.) I did not know about this site. Count me in, please

    Elaine Ann Wedgwood

  37. dan says:

    Thank you PBS for years of obtaining wonderful books. Our tiny town library has been helped by members getting books and donating to them.

  38. A new book is always a refreshing surprise.

  39. Annie C. (annie18thc) says:

    Have been a member for over 10 years. Thank you for all the work you guys do. Books bring me great joy.

  40. Gayle B. (glbirch) says:

    Haven’t read any of Ludlum’s books, but I always enjoy finding a new-to-me author! Love PBS!

  41. Bully L. (roxanne3) says:

    I love Jason Bourne. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. David Wigglesworth (novatrader) says:

    Good site, great concept.

  43. Ann F. (bourkie5s) says:

    First time for Free Book Friday

  44. Donna T. says:

    Can’t wait to win!!

  45. Nancy C. (nancymissyc) says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Julie B. (juliebev) says:

    As an officer with an interest in criminal intelligence, this sounds intriguing. Will definitely go on my wishlist if I don’t happen to win.

  47. Michele N. says:

    I love pbs!

  48. Jennifer G. (gofamily) , says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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