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Gay Romantic Suspence Review – Dirty Kiss


Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford

Review by Cyn C. (Cyn-Sama)


I’m always thrilled when I buy a book on impulse, and end up falling in love with an authors writing.

See, I’m a sucker for a pretty cover, and that leads me into picking up some rather dreadful books.

I’m also a sucker for stories with Asian characters, but usually end up throwing them against the wall in disgust.

I enjoy Asian characters.  It stems from my background studying Japanese culture, and listening to Asian pop/rock music.

Many times an author falls into what I term ‘fangirl/fanboy’ mode, where the author thinks that by throwing in a ton of foreign words and pop culture, it will make their writing feel more authentic.

This usually ends up in having me cringing and groaning, because it reads to me like a fourteen year old who’s just discovered an awesomely shiny new thing, and want to show everyone how awesome this awesomely shiny new thing is.

Now, someone who has never been exposed to this shiny new thing may think it’s fantastic, but if you’ve been thoroughly entrenched in the shiny, it gets annoying.

Thankfully, Ford does not fall into this trap.

Reading Ford’s writing just makes me want to believe in their characters.

The book revolves around Cole Kenjiro McGinnis, an ex-cop and PI who is of Japanese/Irish heritage. Cole is still grieving over the death of his lover, an attack that left Cole with physical and mental wounds, and precipitated his retirement from the police force.

In his position as a PI, Cole just expects to handle run of the mill cases.  Nothing funny, just checking on cheating spouses mostly, until his brother asks him to check on a suicide of a prominent businessman’s son.

During the investigation, Cole runs into Kim Jae-Min, cousin to the deceased.

This brings Cole and Jae into a dangerous world of sex clubs and murder.  With all the danger and mistrust, it seems that their budding romance is doomed to failure.

Add in a demonic cat and some truly colorful characters, and this book was truly a delight to read.

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One Response to “Gay Romantic Suspence Review – Dirty Kiss”

  1. Sianeka N Hollywood, CA says:

    Like you, I’m a “Japan-ophile” and enjoy reading books that have some Japanese/Asian slant to them. I like finding out more about Asian culture and get annoyed as well with authors who only throw in Asian details to show that they can, which don’t enhance the story or background.

    Based on your review, I want to read more. This is one book I am adding to my WL, as I now need to check it out!

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