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Dear Members

Well, you just never know who you are going to run into or where!  Recently I was attending an Atlanta Falcons Monday night football game.  I had just parked my car and there was a large group tailgating in the next spot.  They were in a lively mood so I stopped to say “Hello,” and we started talking.

They were chatting about books, which was a little odd, right before a football game. So I then asked if they had ever heard of PaperBackSwap? They all started laughing and saying that they were just talking about our club!   Well, imagine their surprise when I told them that I was the Founder of PBS. One of them (at right in the picture below) mentioned that he was in graduate school at Georgia State and commented that he had “saved tons of money swapping books”.

Richard and Jacob.  (Thanks to Jacob for the photo.)

It was a great to run into this group of bookswappers out of the blue like that, and a real shot in the arm to know that our club is helping this young man with his studies. Best of luck to Jacob and all our PBS students out there!

Speaking from snowy Atlanta – this new year is full of surprises!  We hope all of your surprises are good ones.

Stay safe and warm,
Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team

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