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Children’s...  Hatchet. On his way to visit his recently divorced father in the Canadian mountains, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson is the only survivor when the single-engine plane crashes. His body battered, his clothes in shreds, Brian must now stay alive in the boundless Canadian wilderness.  More than a survival story, Hatchet is a tale of tough decisions…Brian discovers that if he is to survive physically as well as mentally, he must discover courage.
Memoirs The Glass Castle. In this riveting and un-self-pitying memoir, Jeannette Walls’ chronicles her upbringing at the hands of eccentric, nomadic parents…she describes in fascinating detail what it was to be a child in this family, from the embarrassing (wearing shoes held together with safety pins; using markers to color her skin in an effort to camouflage holes in her pants) to the horrific (being pimped by her father at a bar)…the author’s removed, nonjudgmental stance lets her love for her parents – despite their flaws and overwhelming self-absorption – resonate from cover to cover.
Mystery/Thriller … 1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club, Book 1).  The first book in bestselling author James Patterson’s hugely popular series The Women’s Murder Club pits four San Francisco women professionals against a serial killer who’s stalking and murdering newlyweds.   This is a PBS club favorite.  The whole series so far (all seven books) is currently available to request. Get your whole summer’s reading – although if the couldn’t-put-them-down reviews are correct, these books won’t last you that long!
Contemporary Fiction…The Friday Night Knitting Club.  “Walker and Daughter” is Georgia Walker’s little yarn shop, tucked into a quiet storefront on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The Friday Night Knitting Club was started by some of Georgia’s regulars, who gather once a week to work on their latest projects and to chat-and occasionally clash-over their stories of love, life, and everything in between….they’ve created not just a knitting club, but a sisterhood.  A charming and moving novel about women’s friendship.

Chick Lit... The Next Big Thing.  Kat Larson figured she had nothing to lose by becoming a contestant on the new reality show “From Fat to Fabulous” — except maybe a few dozen pounds. Then she’d finally be able to arrange a face-to-face meeting with Nick, the British hunk she met online, who still thinks she’s a size four….  In this funny, poignant debut, a plus-size heroine discovers she’s already beautiful enough to be… the next big thing.

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  1. Kirin Y. says:

    Great summer read, Men of Gain by Hunter McClelland. Financial fiction genre, informative, enjoyable, surprisingly suspensful and raises many moral issues for discussion. Great for students and adults

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