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Grab This Book Winner!


The winner of the Grab This Book contest is:


Ginger C. (1ging)




Congratulations to Ginger for Grabbing this copy of Unbroken. Your book is on its way to you.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

Stay tuned to the Blog for more chances to win books from Most Wished for Books on PBS.


One Response to “Grab This Book Winner!”

  1. Fred F. (longshorts) says:

    Free book Friday: The choice of the book should be the choice of the winner, not the PBS staff. We all do not like the genres chosen by the PBS staff. While the book may be an exciting read for some. Perhaps I am not understanding the way a book is chosen for the giveaway, and I should be grateful that there IS a Friday book giveaway. Should there ever be a day that I ever win ANYTHING here, I really would like to be able to choose the book that I want.
    As it is, most of the books I buy come from garage sales, flea markets, and the occasional town library sale of old books they no longer care to shelve. The prices run from a dime to 50 cents.
    With the illiteracy rates climbing in our Country, a printed book you can actually hold in your hand may go the way of the dinosaur. The tablets, kindles, and other systems promoting the E-Books are affecting the REAL book you can hold in your hand. New book prices are skyrocketing to the point of unobtanium. New book stores are closing due to the illiteracy prevalent today. I am ashamed of our Country’s education system, graduating students who are illiterate. Imagine the pleasure and excitement our students are missing by not being able to ACTUALLY READ.

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