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Holiday Romance Review – Tis The Season To Be Sinful



Tis The Season To Be Sinful by Adrienne Basso


Review by Kelsey O.



Richard Harper was late.


Juliet Wentworth had it all, a tender husband and a house that was to become their dream house. That all ended after her husband passes away suddenly and Juliet is left living in the dowager house with her children and hoping that they can find someone to rent Highgrove Manor so that they have money to get out from under her husband’s tyrannical brother’s thumb.


Richard Harper is trying to make it as an entrepreneur in London. It has been a tough go since leaving the Colonies and Richard is finding the English to be less than hospitable since moving three years ago. His ideas have been met with skepticism and resistance. But now things have change. He has elevated himself in society and now to get that final accreditation he needs to own a country estate. This leads him to Highgrove Manor and Richard meets the headstrong Juliet who is unwilling to let him buy the estate. He has two choices; rent the manor or marry her.


This is truly a heartwarming Christmas story. Richard thinks that he will just treat the marriage as a business adventure but instead gets thrown head first into emotions that he at first wants to deny but then opens his heart to Juliet and her three kids. He has to overcome his fear and after confiding into Juliet he knows that he can trust her. Juliet too grows and knows that she must tread carefully around Richard at first but knows that eventually he will come around.  Not much in way of conflict. Once Juliet marries Richard it seems her brother-in-law just disappears. The tension comes just between Juliet and Richard and their journey to find love with each other. A great romantic read with a joyful ending.



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