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In Celebration of our Wonderful PBS Volunteers….Games Moderators


 Without our hardworking, dedicated volunteers, PBS would surely not be the wonderful site that it is. All week we will give you an overview of what our volunteers do and why.


Spotlight on Games Moderators

by Wendy H. (donkeycheese) 


I’ve been a volunteer games moderator for several years now.  I have to say it’s just as rewarding now as it was then.  I’ve made so many new friends and it feels good to give back.  Being a games moderator can also be very challenging.  Making rules are a group effort and for the common good, even though the players might not always see it that way.  Have I lost sleep as a games moderator? Definitely, but it’s only happened once or twice.  Those few instances were when we were about to instigate a new ‘big’ rule and the players didn’t understand why there had to be such a rule.   It’s hard to stay firm with a decision and still appease someone.  Sometimes, not everyone is happy, but I’ve learned over the course of the years that you can’t please everyone.

Playing the games, players either want rules or they don’t.  It’s hard to find anyone who will fit that mold in between.  Therefore, it becomes the team of games moderators job  to find that medium that will please everyone and still keep the games fun.  Generally, everyone plays well together and has a great time! You won’t find more kinder or generous people than those at PBS.

How much time goes into moderating the games? It’s a position that needs addressed daily, if not sometimes several times a day.  Each game is different how it is run, as well as the hostesses.  I don’t spend as much time now as I did then, but that is longevity not only from me but by several hostesses.  Things are a lot smoother and we have a great team!

For those that don’t know what a games moderator does, here’s an example.

1) Hostess PMs you with a game idea
2) You submit the idea to the games moderator team who will then a) see if any other games are taking sign-ups at that time for the same kind of swap b) does the credit deposit cover the swap?
3) Once approved, you send your hostess a PM
4) Once sign-ups close, hostess sends you the player list. You take this list and compare it to the Bad Swapper List.  Yes, unfortunately we have one of those.  Once it’s clear, you let the hostess know.
5) Hostess sends you the appropriate credits.  You send those to the games moderator account.  We don’t keep the credits in our own account.
6) When the swap ends, the hostess will PM you credit refund requests.  You refund them.  Sometimes this is a quick process and sometimes it takes a while – depending upon how many swaps you are moderating and how many credit refunds you need to make.

As a coordinator, I also make sure the other moderators don’t need any assistance and help out when they have questions or need a vacation.   As I said though, a game moderating is something I can’t foresee not doing – it’s something I love – through the ups and the downs! PBS gamers rock!







Fun Facts by Marie E  (MarieE)

We have 6 Games Moderators and 2 Games Moderator Leaders, we are all volunteers, and typically spend at least an hour a day doing the bookkeeping required to keeping the Games Forum up and running.

Our Games Moderator Leaders are:

Marie E. (MarieE)

Wendy H. (donkeycheese)


Our Games Moderators are:

Angela (bankerangie)

Carol P. (BookLover4Ever)

Caryn S. (Caryn9802)

Jenna B. (vailfiregirl)

Jenny R. (jennala9)

Karen S. (CacaoBear)

We, as Games Moderators, handle credit deposit and credit distributions.  When you join a game, you put up a credit deposit (normally 1 credit, but some games may require more depending on the requirements of the game), the credit deposit are used to make sure that you fulfill the requirements of the game.  Meaning you mail your book by the stated “Mail By” date and that book is in postable condition (per PBS) when it is received.  When you have fulfilled your requirements we (as Games Moderators) return your credit to you.

In the past 30 days I have personally deposited and distributed around 650 credits

The Games Moderator account for all games have deposited and distributed around 2,000 credits in the past 30 days and we normally have around 2,000 to 3,000 credits that we are holding for players in games.  Those numbers do vary month to month and day to day.

We also have around 50 games that are currently being played and there are always new games starting up.  Some games target specific books based on genre, wishlisted or non-wishlisted and other criteria.  Each game is unique in its requirements.

If you are curious about joining a game in the games forum, stop by and check us out.  We have several helpful threads to give you a general idea of how the games work.  The Updated Game Rules and Games Etiquette will give you a general idea of the rules for each game.  There is also a thread ***NEW GAMES*** Swaps Currently Taking Signups that will give you a list of games that are open for sign-ups.

If you are interested in joining a game and have questions, please feel free to send any of the Games Moderators your questions and we would be happy to walk you through the process.  Hosts of games are always looking for new players and will also help you walk through the steps of the game.



7 Responses to “In Celebration of our Wonderful PBS Volunteers….Games Moderators”

  1. Misty (millywv) says:

    Game Mods make PBS a better place and I, for one, am grateful for each and everything they do!

  2. Alisa F. (Greycat133) says:

    I just started playing the Games in October, and am totally addicted. You guys rock for making things all run smoothly!

  3. Cynthia M. (clariail) , says:

    I have been a game host for the last couple of years and the moderators do a great job. Always ready to answer a question or lend a helping hand. We may not always say it but you are very much appreciated!

  4. Diane G. (icesk8tr) , says:

    The game moderators do an awesome job making sure everyone is involved and that the games run smoothly!! They rock!!

  5. Cozette M. (CozSnShine) , says:

    I have such admiration for our game moderators! I can’t imagine being a host much less being a moderator. Thank you and thank you and thank you for all the hard work you put in to make our games so much fun and fair for everyoe!

  6. Lori B. says:

    Thanks also, to the members who take the time and have the energy and patience to hostess the games. (love you Courtney!) They are a lot of fun and add something special to PBS.

  7. Rhonda (pinkcypress) says:

    I know from experience how much the mods truly care about the games, the players, and the site overall. You are doing a great job!!

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