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In Celebration of our Wonderful Volunteers – Message from the PBS Team

Volunteers are the HEART of PBS

by Deana F. (PBSDeana)


We have a small internal Team, so we depend on our volunteers to help us keep the site running smoothly for everyone. They help us make sure we have correct book information, images, track games, and help new members to the site find their way around.  We are proud to say we have over 500 volunteers!


PBS Volunteers By the Numbers:

  Book Data Correctors – 163

 Book Data Approvers – 30

 Book Data Coordinators – 2

Editing book data involves the important work of correcting mistakes in the PBS database.  They correct everything from author name, title, and genre to providing more thorough book descriptions for us.  They also determine abridged or unabridged versions of audio books, plus much more.   Having the right information is crucial on a site like ours, and this detailed work is very much appreciated.


 Book Image Collection Volunteers – 228

 Book Image Collection Approvers – 17

 Book Image Collection coordinators – 3

The Book Image Collection team helps do away with the ugly, boring, no-image found, default blue cover.  We love to see plenty of colorful book cover images on the site and they do a fantastic job.


 Game Moderators – 6

 Game Moderator Leader – 2

If there’s anything a PBS member likes as much as reading, it’s playing games with their fellow book-lovers.  The Games Mods keep track of all the pending games, credit deposits and keep the fun rolling (or should we say swapping)!


 Tour Guides – 91

  Tour Guide Leaders – 13

 Tour Guide Assistant Coordinators – 3

 Tour Guide Coordinator – 1

And last but not least, our wonderful and patient Tour Guides.  A tour guide helps new members navigate the site and answer questions as they arise.  They also answer the New Member Questions in Live Chat.  We feel that providing new members with a tour guide to welcome them and answer questions gives a personal touch and ensures they can start swapping books confidently.


These volunteers put in immeasurable hours of work.  The PBS experience is so much richer and more satisfying for all members due to the efforts of our volunteers.  We are not just a website about swapping books.  Over the years, we’ve become a community for members to share their love of reading, their life experiences and to make new friends both online and in person.

We know how much work goes into all of these projects and we wouldn’t be able to keep up without our tour guides, games mods, book image collectors, and book data correctors.  We appreciate your gifts of time, energy and enthusiastic support.  I know we don’t say thank you enough to all of our volunteers but please know that we are so grateful to each and every one of you.  It truly “takes a village” and we couldn’t do it without you.

We look forward to working with you in the New Year and thank you for making PBS a better place!


Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless,

but because they’re priceless.

 ~Sherry Anderson






10 Responses to “In Celebration of our Wonderful Volunteers – Message from the PBS Team”

  1. Cynthia M. (clariail) , says:

    Thank you to all of the volunteers! You do a great job in keeping the site running as smooth as it can.

  2. Bonnie S. (HikingNurse) says:

    I love Paperback Swap! The volunteers do a wonderful job!

  3. Caroll B says:

    Thanks, Volunteers!

  4. Ani K. (goddessani) says:

    Thanks to all the volunteers! This site is wonderful – in large part due to you!

  5. Gail P. (TinkerPirate) Montara, CA says:

    LUV you…….all y’all volunteers!

  6. Sianeka N Hollywood, CA says:

    Interesting to see all the volunteer stats in one place, thank you! PBS rocks and one of the reasons is due to the wonderful community here — volunteers make this site and the community unique.

    Thanks to the PBS team and to the awesome volunteers here (I have a great privilege to be able to work alongside of some SUPER volunteer members!)

  7. Lori B. says:

    Thanks for doing so many necessary and varied tasks around PBS. For those of us with no time or skills to contribute at this level, you all make it happen. I would never have made it through the first year without these wonderful folks. LOVE you all.

  8. Aaron K says:

    Wow, these book giveaways are great. I will keep it in the paperbackswap system, too!

  9. After meeting some of the volunteers, members and guests on the cruise, I am just thrilled to have stumbled on this community. Thank you to you all and where do i sign up to help out?

  10. Oh – and the Internal Team may be small, but it is mighty! We got me meet three of the programmers (Zach, Len Josh), Deana, Cheryl and Richard on the First Ever PBS Cruise and they ROCK!!!

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