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Member of the Month – August 2007

This is a new Newsletter feature: we hear so many great stories about great members who quietly do so much good in the club, and we wanted to share some of these. So each month we will spotlight a member who has really added a lot to the club.

The first Member of the Month is… auntielala

We think our new member (that70sgirl) put it best when she told us: “I just wanted to let you know what a great job Lori G. is doing here on PBS. I had posted in the CMT forum about being a little intimidated about joining the games forum, and she took it upon herself to start a Newbie game, and extend invitations to those of us who had posted. The swap has been going on now for a while, and the response has been great! She was never critical when anyone made a mistake, was always available to answer questions, and was always a gracious hostess. She is an awesome team player.”

Thanks to Lori for helping to make PBS the best bookclub in America, and to Natalie for sending us this message! If you have suggestions for a future Member of the Month, please submit them to us.


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