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Memoir Review – Love Letters from Cell 92


Love Letters From Cell 92: The Correspondence Between Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Maria Von Wedemeyer 1943-45 by  Ruth-Alice Von Bismarck & Ulrich Itz


Review by Dianne (gardngal)


The letters in this book were written by Maria von Wedemeyer to and from her fiance’ Dietrich Bonhoeffer during his imprisonment in 1943-45.

It is interesting to realize that they didn’t know each other very well when they became engaged, but that their love grew through the letters themselves.  These love letters of more than 70 years ago are powerful and passionate.

Their frustration with their situation is obvious, yet they maintained a highly positive attitude and belief in God.    Excellent history of the times and the secret attempt for a coup d’etat against Hitler, of which she knew nothing.  It was gratifying to read that more than a few people in power were trying to overthrow the dictator.

But the highlight for me was the letters themselves.  No one is capable of writing such letters today, with their detail and deep feelings of longing for each other.

This book is not an easy read, primarily due to the German text in places, some of which is not translated. In spite of that, I enjoyed it very much due to the letters.  They are beautiful to read, and are quite exquisite.


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