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Missing Dixie

by Lois N. (Booklover57)

Dixie, New Year’s Eve 1970



Way back in 2006, a request was made to me for a James Patterson book.  It was from Dixie in Texas.  About a week later, I made a request for a book from Dixie….and so our friendship began.

We started corresponding, first on the PBS site and then via personal emails.  We quickly became fast friends.  Our friendship continued over the years but the distance between our homes, me in NY and Dixie in Texas, made it difficult for us to communicate other than an occasional phone call.

Dixie’s 79th birthday, with her daughter Sandie


Our friendship grew as we each shared our lives. We shared our children’s trials and tribulations, sicknesses and marriages and even some sad occasions.


Dixie’s beloved dog Missy

More than most, we talked about our beloved pets.

The years went on and we continued our friendship, until we realized we’d both be in Las Vegas at the same time.  Once we discovered that, there was no question that we’d find a way to meet in person. That meeting took place just last week on May 9th, 2013.  We met at the Texas Station hotel and had a wonderful lunch together.  I got to meet Dixie’s two daughters and she was able to meet my 3 friends (who she already knew through my emails).  It was a great afternoon and something we’d looked forward to for many, many years.


As happy as this story is…there is a very sad note to it.  I returned from Las Vegas on Sunday and on Monday morning found an email from Dixie’s daughter…shockingly, Dixie had passed away on May 12th, Mother’s Day.

This was a blow to me as I had just had the pleasure of meeting her and now she’s gone.

I will miss her everyday as there was not a day that we did not communicate.

This is the a photo of Dixie and I at our lunch last week (she’s on the left and that’s me on the right).

Thank you PBS for giving me the opportunity to make a wonderful friend!









Note from the PaperBackSwap Team: Dixie D. (Dip) first joined PaperBackSwap on 2/20/2006. In a bit over 6 years, she mailed over 900 books! Dixie, we miss you too!






10 Responses to “Missing Dixie”

  1. Nancy Wilbur says:

    Thanks for sharing that lovely story. Books have a way of reaching people one way or another. PBS was a wonderful brainstorm!

  2. Diane G. (icesk8tr) , says:

    Wow, what a touching story!! I also have made many good friends through PaperBackSwap, and continue to enjoy this site!! It is more than just books, it is friendships and being there for someone, and brightening their day!

  3. Carole R. (Cadrus) says:

    What a great story! Way back when being on-line was new, I became friends with a woman from Florida. We called each other “Sis” because we had so much in common that we thought we HAD to be related. We took a trip to Key West together, my husband and I visited her family in FL and she and her family came to visit us. Sadly, we lost touch with each but reconnected through Facebook…but the old “magic” was gone. Isn’t it amazing how many of us have become friends through websites?

  4. Jane H. (meema10) , says:

    Sincere sympathy, Lois. Thank you for sharing your story of friendship. I love PBS & tell everyone, who will listen, about it. I joined right after I retired & it has been a blessing to me. When I find a new author I really like, I want to read everything they have ever written. Thru PBS I have been able to find a lot of older books. Would love to find a friend like Dixie. We live in GA, but travel to see family in northeast OH, central SC & eastcoast FL. If anyone who reads this loves to read, lives in one of these states & is interested in being friends & meeting, please contact me.

  5. Jo R. says:

    Just like a good book there are sad chapters..I’m just so glad you two had the chance fortune to meet. I’m sure you added wonderful joy to her last days…

  6. Brenna B. (demiducky25) says:

    This was a wonderful tribute, thank you for sharing your story of friendship with all of us.

  7. Michelle F. (Micky) says:

    It was a sad story but also happy in that you were able to meet. She was a super swapper if she sent out 900 books! I joined on October 12, 1996, and have sent out 239 books (with two more going out soon). Hope her books will find good homes.

  8. mistyks says:

    Lois, my sincere sympathy on the loss of your friend, Dixie. I did not share the pleasure of having known Dixie, so thank you for sharing your story with us!

  9. Sianeka N Hollywood, CA says:

    What a touching story, I am so glad you shared with us. Wish I too had known Dixie, but glad we got to “meet” you through the Blog! Thank you, Lois. (((( more hugs ))))

  10. Lois N. (Booklover57) says:

    Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. I just knew I had to tell everyone about what a great friend I had made. It’s still very hard…not hearing from her daily. We even had a little contest going on all the time…who would get the most Book Requests each month. I’m missing her so much, but it’s nice to know there are lots of other book-friends out there! Thanks again to all of you who responded to my story.

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