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Today our Featured MoM is Diane G. (icesk8tr). Diane was our Member of the Month for January 2008


I have been a member since April 21, 2005. I discovered PBS through an article in the Atlanta paper at a time when I was out of books to read and the thought of spending $9.99 on a paperback was killing me. So, I immediately posted books and had some requested right away. I have gotten so many great books since I have joined and my TBR pile has grown to over 400 books now!!

It has been fun watching PBS change and evolve over the years. I remember a time when you were unable to send Personal Messages to other members. Once that option was added it opened up doors to be able to meet and get to know other PBS members. I have gained some lasting friendships because of this.

Once the Tour Guide program was started and I became a Tour Guide it enabled me to help new members learn more about how things worked on PBS. This really has been enjoyable and I enjoy getting to know the other Tour Guides better.

I have always enjoyed reading! My favorite books as a child were the Nancy Drew Mysteries. I mostly read mysteries and thrillers with the occasional hockey book, or biography.

For the next few hours I will be reading Lawrence Block, Burglar in the Library. I read about 2-3 books a week.

If you have any nominations for Member of the Month, submit them to us here.  Your nomination will not “expire”–anyone you nominate will have a chance at getting Member of the Month if enough nominations accumulate over time. Each month the person who has the most votes accumulated when the Newsletter goes to press gets to be Member of the Month and gets a newsletter mention and a nifty MoM icon to wear on profile and forum posts with pride.  So go for it! Tell us who’s helped you in the Forums, who’s been a great swapper, who in your opinion is a credit to PBS.  We are keeping a list of all the nominated members.  Who knows–one of them might be YOU!


3 Responses to “Musings, Memories and Miscellany from our MoM’s”

  1. Elizabeth R. (esjro) Stockton, NJ says:

    Hello, fearless leader!

  2. pbsblogadmin says:

    That is one cute Monkey! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Diane G. (icesk8tr) , says:

    LOL!! Thanks!

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