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Mystery Monday – Maigret and the Madwoman

Maigret and the Madwoman by Georges Simenon

Review by Matt B. (BuffaloSavage)


Le Folle de Maigret (1970) was translated as Maigret and the Madwoman in 1972 by Eileen Ellenbogen.

A little old lady asks Maigret to visit her apartment and listen to her concern,  but she is smothered to death before he makes the time. Angry with himself, he questions three suspects – a middle-aged mannish masseuse, her sleazy boy toy, and her boho son.

Lots of plusses make this one a better than average Maigret. The old lady is a more vivid character than the typical victim. Simenon skillfully gets across the spring in Paris and Maigret’s thought processes. The reveal is a genuine surprise. Madame Maigret has more than her usual cameo appearance. We have to conclude that his wife makes Maigret a better cop, a better leader, a better man.



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