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Non-Fiction Review – Angel Cats

Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort by Allen & Linda Anderson

Review by McGuffyAnn M. (nightprose)


This is a spirituality book written specifically for cat lovers. The authors are the founders of The Angel Animals Network. They offer newsletters, are inspirational speakers, and clergy.


In this book, there are a variety of true accounts of cat messengers. These cats offer divine intervention of comfort and encouragement from beyond The Rainbow Bridge. There are photos of the cats in each story. In addition, at the end of each account is a meditation, by Cuddles the cat.


Each cat brings a message, something important to impart on its human left behind. Whether it is Alpha the cat, whose message was one of deep unconditional love, or Shadow who taught trust, each cat had a purpose in life and in death.


One particular story that illustrates the bond between cats and their people is the story of the cat who watched over her little girl through the Holocaust. Anne Frank even mentions the comfort of Peter’s cat, Mouschi, in hiding. Perhaps this was the way the cat she was forced to leave behind, Moortje, looked over Anne.


I know there have been times when my own cats have comforted me through times of stress, tragedy, or illness. I have had times when I came across a photo, or a toy that had belonged to one who had crossed that Rainbow Bridge. Even those little things are a comfort, just knowing they are there.


All cat lovers know the pleasure of a warm furry body with a comforting purr. This book goes beyond the Bridge to show that “Angel Cats” remain by our side, not only in our hearts. I am one of those who believe that animals do go to Heaven. It just wouldn’t be Heaven without them. Love surpasses death.

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  1. Sianeka N Hollywood, CA says:

    I’m a bit of an odd duck. I’m not sure I really believe in heaven, even though I believe in a Divine Being. However, even though I’m not sure there’s a heaven up there for me, I sure as heck believe there is one for pets! If anyone deserves such a place, they do, and I sincerely WANT to believe that my lost beloved friends are someplace other that makes them happy and comfortable and well-cared for.

    Don’t know if I could read this book and keep a dry eye, remembering my own lost fuzzy family members…

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