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Paranormal Erotica Review – Animal Attraction


Animal Attraction by Charlene Teglia

Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)


Good read, action based paranormal.

Like most little adopted girls, Chandra dreams someday her real family will find her and she’ll actually be a princess.  Beware of what you ask for…

Her family does find her and she’s their princess.  But they’re werewolves.  If being about to go furry and fanged isn’t enough, she is about to go into heat, big time.  That means she has to work her way through the dozen pack males to check their ‘suitability’ as her mate.  Publicly.  Through a large portion of the book.  And just to complicate matters, her mate will become the pack alpha…

There are additional plot elements – including old werewolf enemies [one of whom killed her father] and a werepanther pride which seems to be helping him.

The sex scenes are many and varied including ménage [no m/m though].

Book seems to be a stand alone.

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2 Responses to “Paranormal Erotica Review – Animal Attraction”

  1. Chris C. (chrisnsally) , says:

    Ah, and I had been wondering if that book of dark Erotica short stories was appropriate material for the PBS blog reviews. You handled this nicely, a good, nearly, G rated review for a web-site that’s sure to have readers of all ages.

  2. Issa S. (Issa-345) says:

    This is one of those books I have almost acquired a couple times, but didn’t. Still can’t decide but good to know it stands alone.

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