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PBS Gets Personal with Public Profiles: Newsletter – June 2005

Now you can get to know your fellow members and let them get to know you too. Public Profiles are a new feature that lets you tell other members about yourself and your interest. You can include information such as your nickname, name, age, location, and any information about yourself or your reading preferences that you would like to share. You can also upload a photo or select an icon to reflect your personality.

Start your profile by selecting a nickname. This nickname will be viewable by other members and will also be part of your personal domain address. For example, if you chose the nickname “lucy”, your personal domain address would be http://lucy.paperbackswap.com. This address can be given to friends and family. By going to this address a visitor will be able to see your active books in the system, Wish list, book reviews, notebook entries, books shipped, and many more exciting features to come. Your Public Profile also offers a Notebook for you to include your thoughts and for others to leave notes to you.

You can also use your profile nickname for referrals instead of giving out your email address. Now you can post your referral links around the internet on other forums without the worry of getting spam in your inbox.

Many members have already selected this exciting feature and have started enjoying being part of a wonderful community of friends on-line.


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