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Policy on Cancellation of Book Requests: Newsletter – August 2005

While we have plenty of things to celebrate, we also have some challenges for our club to address. Let’s review one tough item first, and then get on to all the great things that are happening in the club!

Calling All Members . . . Policy on Cancellation of Book Requests
Book requests are a wonderful thing to receive. However, following through with them is even more wonderful. In order to maintain the integrity of the club we must enforce the club’s cancellation policy when rules are not kept.

It is important to note that any member that ships a book AFTER the specified grace period WILL NOT earn a credit for that book. While this may appear harsh to some, it is a necessary action so that we can be fair to all members.

Some members may not even be aware that we had a policy. Therefore, we want to take this time to enlighten all members on this important topic. Once a book request is received, a member has a 5 day grace period to respond. (If the request is from the Wish List, the timeframe is 48 hours.) After accepting a request, the sending member has a 5 day grace period to print the wrapper, mail the book and mark it as completed in their account. If any of these grace periods are passed without action, the book request is automatically cancelled and passed on to the next available member with the book. If no other member has the book, then it will automatically be placed on the requesting member’s Wish List.

Why do we do this? Because it is not fair to make members who want a book wait more than 10 days for someone to mail out a book. We think that this is more than ample time to wrap a book and mail it. And often times there are other members who have the same book who could also mail it in a reasonable timeframe.

Sending members should be aware that if they cause a request to be cancelled, the book is always removed from their bookshelf. It will need to be reposted in order for them to trade the book in the future. A requesting member can cancel a request up until the time the wrapper is printed by the sending member.

Thank you in advance for understanding the need for enforcing this policy.


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