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Dear Librarian; reduce, reuse, recycle – safely

Dear Librarian – Yesterday I got a book wrapped in the sender’s credit card statement!  He used the PBS wrapper but the book was big and needed extra paper to cover it.  But a credit card statement?  I had his credit card number, name, address, everything.  I was shocked that in this age of identity theft someone would be so careless with his personal information! – Amazed in Altoona

Dear Amy,

At PaperbackSwap we are very much in favor of reduce/reuse/recycle, and we love it when members repurpose materials in their book-packaging, but personal safety must trump environmental concerns, so Members, please don’t use paper with sensitive information on it to wrap your books!  Shred that paperwork (and recycle the shredded paper) and use other, neutral paper for supplemental packaging materials.  We want our members to protect themselves as well as their books when they package – let’s all stay safe AND green!  You can read more about wrapping books in the Help Center.

The Last Word:

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