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Romance Review – Lord Gray’s List

Lord Gray’s List by Maggie Robinson


Review by Kelsey O.


Evie Ramsay has lived her entire life either being really poor or living an okay life because of her father’s gambling problem. Now her father has developed dementia and all that is left is a printer’s shop that was won by her father. Still spurned by how things were left with Benton Gray, Evie decides to pose as a man and develops a gossip rag call The London List. Now all of Ben’s salacious exploits are splatter across the pages. Ben decides to stop this from happening anymore and purchases the paper. To his dismay he finds out that 1. Evie is the one doing this and 2. that London is not happy that he is shutting the paper down. One of its biggest supporter is his own mother!

Now Evie and Ben must bind together and make this paper work. Evie hates that she has to be near Ben but that doesn’t stop her from using her feminine ways to try to get him to leave the paper in her capable hands. Evie was Ben’s first love and obviously that is not forgotten. He plans to make sure that they work extremely close together.

The reader never really knows why Evie hates/loves Ben the way she does and Ben apparently doesn’t either. This is one part of the story that was confusing. It was never made clear were the hate comes from.

This was an enjoyable read and is like a historic version of what Gossip Girl would have been like during this time. This is a  good light read with some sassy characters and steamy love scenes.









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