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Romance Review – Night Season


Night Season by  Eileen Wilks

Review by Susan R. (Sue-in-AZ)


This is the fourth book in the World of the Lupi fantasy series.  In this book, the author departs from the main characters (Lily and Rule) and focuses on two of the supporting characters Cullen Seaborne and Cynna Weaver.

There are several interwoven stories.  The first is the building romance between Cullen and Cynna.  Previously in the series, Cullen and Cynna had a romantic encounter that left Cynna pregnant.  As the book opens, Cynna is not quite coming to terms with this pregnancy.  As the story progresses, Cullen and Cynna deal with both their relationship and their impending parenthood.

The second story line, and the main plot of the book, revolves around another realm (called Edge) where a magical medallion has been stolen.   Travelers from Edge want Cynna to “Find” the medallion – a task that she alone is suited for. Through trickery, the travelers manage to trap Cullen, Cynna and a small group of people in Edge.  There is no way to return to Earth until the medallion is restored to its correct place.

Also interwoven in the story is Cynna’s discovery that her long-lost father has been living in Edge for many years. She thought he had abandoned her and her mother – but it’s possible that he’s been trapped for a long time.  And we follow Gan’s evolution from demon into something else entirely. She appears to be growing a soul  – and an insatiable love of chocolate!

While trying to find the medallion, Cullen and Cynna interact with various factions from Edge. Some are out right hostile, others appear to be friends but aren’t trustworthy.  There is also a small parallel group who are tracking Cullen and Cynna’s every move – a man, a woman and a giant cat.  This parallel group is on their own mission and it’s impossible to tell if they mean to help or harm Cullen and Cynna.


My Review

I loved getting a deeper look into Cullen and Cynna’s relationship.  As much as I enjoy the main characters from this series, it was great to spend some time with the supporting characters. Gan, the former demon from earlier in the series also plays a major role in this story. She’s great comic relief.

I really enjoy the writing in this series. This book could stand on its own, but the continuing story lines would make more sense if read in order with the other books from the series.

Lots of tension among the characters, and between the various factions in the story. And with “secondary” characters, you can’t be certain that everyone will make it to the end of the book alive!


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