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Romance Review – Vampire in Atlantis

Vampire in Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon 09) by Alyssa Day

Review by Cynthia (Frazerc


Great paranormal romance with an action plot.  Some series are like TV sitcoms, they go stale rather quickly.  Not this one! Alyssa Day manages to give each book its own fresh view of the world while moving the series story arc along and resolving the main story line.

The hero is Daniel who has played an enigmatic role through several of the previous books.  We’ve known him by several names [Daniel/Devon/Drakos/Demetrios] and in several roles – most recently he had become the vampire head of state.  Our story starts with him telling them all to shove it and going out to meet the sun in the middle of the reflecting pool on the Washington DC mall…  Good plan until SOMEONE interfered and smacked him clear to Atlantis.

Those who have been following the series know that somewhere in Atlantis lies a vault of ancient, sleeping maidens who were put into stasis 11000 years ago to be married off to Atlantean Royals as needed.  [This was a very big issue in the first book as the heroine was neither Atlantean or even a maiden and Conlan fell in love with her anyway.]  Our heroine is Serai, one of these maidens, rudely yanked into the here-and-now by the malfunctioning Emperor gem – yet another of the gems Atlantis needs before it can rise above the waves.  More importantly, the gem is harming the remaining [still sleeping] maidens and hurting her as well.  She flees Atlantis with the help of the Portal [which now has a presence and an over-the-top verbal attitude] and Daniel who materializes at her feet.  Seems she and Daniel were in love with each other back in the old, still-above-the-waves Atlantis – and both had been told the other was dead.  Talk about an ages old, long unrequited love! Can a vampire mage and an Atlantean princess find happiness while tracking down the missing gem, fighting off other vampires, witches, and the paranormal ops troops?  And then figure out how to use the gem to save the remaining maidens?  Sure they can…

Another big change of scene in this book, most of it is set in and around the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona.  Poseidon makes an appearance towards the end of the book and makes it REALLY clear he doesn’t like the area at all.

There are some real bombshells laid on the story arc which are obviously setups for the next book.  Serai makes it clear that priests don’t have to be celibate, in fact are stronger magic users when they are balanced within the soul-meld.  Big news for Alaric and Quinn.  The Portal informs the warriors in Atlantis that no one can assist Serai and Daniel because they are being ‘tested’ and refuses to transport anyone out of Atlantis.  Daniel gives over being Primus to Nicholas; another ‘bad’ vampire who seems to be trying make changes from within. Then Alaric, Quinn and tiger Jack disappear when supposedly on their way back to Atlantis…


Warriors of Poseidon Series

1.      Atlantis Rising (2007)

2.      Wild Hearts in Atlantis short story in Wild Thing

3.      Atlantis Awakening (2007)

4.      Shifter’s Lady short story in Shifter

5.      Atlantis Unleashed (2008)

6.      Atlantis Unmasked (2009)

7.      Atlantis Redeemed (2010)

8.      Atlantis Betrayed (2010)

9.      Vampire in Atlantis (2011)

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