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Romantic Suspense Review – A Honeybun and Coffee

A Honeybun and Coffee (Honeybun Hunks, Bk 1) by Sam Cheever

Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)


Great contemporary read with an action plot.  To sum it up in a phrase:  No good deed goes unpunished…

Angie Peterson takes a break from the counter of her coffee shop and has to use the men’s room due to plumbing problems.  The person she asks to ‘guard the door’ gets busy and two men enter.  Embarrassed, she hides her presence – only to overhear them planning to kill someone with the unlikely name of Alistair Honeybun.

Once they leave, she rushes to call the only listing in the phone book and finds him at home – sick with bad cold and in no mood for what [he assumes] is a prank phone call.  He hangs up.  She decides to go to his house to make him listen – she just can’t face finding out about his death on the news.  He listens this time and they’re about to leave when the baddies show up – and now both of them are running for their lives.  Make that all three of them, as they take off on a motorcycle that Angie is terrified of [and that’s before he even starts it up], complete with Alistair’s pet dachshund, Jaws, in a one-dachshund-sized pouch.

Along the way they repeatedly hide out and then are found and attacked by the bad guys, spend a lot of time trying to figure out why someone wants to kill Alistair, and repeatedly terrify Angie by driving too fast, too recklessly and much too dangerously.

I found the dialog laugh-out-loud funny, the suspense was good (although the hero and heroine do occasional really dumb things), and the characterization was strong.  The Honeybuns could be the poster family for overachievers everywhere, but they are people you’d like to know – especially if you’re having problems with bad guys.

It’s charming and it’s funny – and I immediately went out and picked up the next two.


Honeybun Hunks

#1  A Honeybun and Coffee

#2  Life, Liberty and Pursuit of a Honeybun

#3  Fast Track To A Honeybun

#4  A Honeybun In Hell

#5  Honeybun In A Loin Cloth (only published in ebook format as of now)


Honeybun Cousins

The Shadow of a Honeybun – Book 1

Honeybun Sheik – Book 2  (only published in ebook format as of now)





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