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Scary Book Recommendations for October

Thrills ‘n’ Chills

Here are some great goosebumpy reads, currently available to request…

Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King
Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Short stories by the master…Stephen King is your go-to author for wickedly frightening tales!
Sunday at Tiffany's by James Patterson
Sunday at Tiffany’s. Jane is a lonely young girl who takes comfort in her imaginary friend, Michael. On Jane’s ninth birthday he leaves, promising her that she’ll forget him soon. He was there to help her until she was old enough to manage on her own, and now there are other children who need his help. Twenty years later, she is grown and still lonely despite her handsome boyfriend, when she catches a glimpse of a familiar face in a bar–Michael?
My Sweet Audrina by VC Andrews
My Sweet Audrina Audrina Adare wanted so to be as good as her sister. She knew her father could not love her as he loved her sister. Her sister was so special, so perfect — and dead.   Upstairs in the locked room was her sister’s sacred rocking chair, which held the secret of all her sister’s gifts. Now Audrina will rock and rock and claim those gifts, and come face to face with the dangerous, terrifying secret that everyone knows.   Everyone except Audrina.

In the Night Room by Peter Straub
In the Night Room Willy Patrick thinks she is losing her mind; she knows somehow that her daughter is in danger, and she has an overwhelming need to rescue her. But this is impossible, for her daughter is dead.  Timothy Underhill is receiving eerie, fragmented e-mails that he finally realizes are from people he knew in his youth–people now dead.  When Willy and Timothy meet, the frightening parallels tell them that they must join forces to confront the evils surrounding them.
The Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Dream-Hunter …In the ethereal world of dreams, there are champions who fight to protect the dreamer and there are demons who prey on them.  Arik is such a predator, condemned by the gods to live eternity without emotions.  Arik can feel only when he’s in the dreams of others. For thousands of years, he’s drifted through the human unconscious, searching for sensation. Now he’s finally found a dreamer whose vivid mind can fill his emptiness…

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  1. I have yet to read a Stephen King novel but I now have a few of his books coming my way from PBS!!

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