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Smile, You’ve Got Messages: Newsletter – June 2005

Yes, you can now send your fellow members personal messages. On the home page of your account, simply click on the “Personal Messages” button (identified as “Send Personal Message” or “Send Message” in other locations). You can send any member a message. Please keep in mind that our site upholds very high moral standards when you are messaging. Please, no profanity, vulgarity, advertising, promoting of sites in conflict with the club or inappropriate commentary on members or the club.

Because we have volunteered our time and worked so hard to provide countless features for our members, we would appreciate all members remaining true to the club by trading books through the club’s system. By offering the Personal Message feature, we’ve created an environment where you can continue to grow closer and closer to the book club members that we like to call “family”. We hope you enjoy this feature.


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