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Spring Forward… Newsletter – April 2007

the new PBS interface will be a real forward step for the club! PBS started small, and as we grew and added features, the interface became somewhat cluttered. It is a huge task to reprogram the entire site, but Robert has plunged in. We are soliciting comments! Go to http://www.paperbackswap.com/design_layout/ to see a list of sample pages of the new interface available for viewing and comment; you can submit your comments in the text box at the bottom of each sample page. Please remember that these are illustrations only, and that not all of the buttons and links will work. The pages shown give an idea of the new design. Thanks to those who have commented already! For those who haven’t, we hope to hear from you too!

Spring Cleaning… time to clear the cobwebs out of your Wish List! Please go over the items there and remove any you no longer want. This speeds up the swapping process, and ensures that Wish Listed books get to those members who still want them as quickly as possible. You can access your Wish List by clicking “Book Lists” on the right side of your account page, and choosing “Wish/Reminder List” from the menu that drops down. You can read about how the Wish List works from the “Need Help?” tab at the top right of your account page, by clicking the tab and choosing “Questions about the Wish List?” from the list that drops down there. Specific Help items concerning the Wish List are in the list that drops down from the Need Help? tab on the upper right of your Wish List page itself—you can read the information without even leaving the page!


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