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Summer 2011 Blog Contest – Ends 8/31

Don’t forget to send your photos in!

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Submit a picture of yourself with your PaperBackSwap gear (hat, t-shirt, magnet, cup, totebag, etc…) by August 31, 2011 to blog@paperbackswap.com. Be sure to tell us where in the world you are!   The grand prize winner will win 10 credits plus $5.00 PBS money … and the glory, of course!





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9 Responses to “Summer 2011 Blog Contest – Ends 8/31”

  1. Irene K. (nikki36) says:

    I have been a member since Sept. 20, 2010 — and am very happy with this club. Each time I go to our local post office to send off a book – I make mention of this wonderful club, and way to gain new books, as I weed out my library. Whoever thought this up – YEAH! Happy Birthday to the club!

  2. Sue T. (moosesue) says:

    Happy Birthday Drawing- I have been a member since Feb. 2009-what a great site. Happy Birthday to the club!

  3. Phil R. (orlswapper) says:

    I’ve been a member just 23 days shy of two years. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and the books! I’ve also found the Unmoderated Audio Book Virtual Box over in the games forum a fun way to talk about and swap audio books.
    Seven years? Hope to make it seventy! Happy Birthday!!

  4. April L. (migrainemaiden) says:

    Member since 09/06/08. Happy Birthday PBS. What a wonderful and useful site. I recommend it to many people. Thank you.

  5. Cynthia G. (mitus) says:

    I’ve been a member since 5/11/10 and have been reading like crazy ever since. Happy Birthday PBS!!!

  6. Mary Jo L. (liblover7) says:

    I have only been a member since June 30 but already have found many great books! I love the “recycling” concept and eagerly await packages in the mail!

  7. Barb E. (barbelle) says:

    I’ve been a member since 2/2/2009. Happy B-day, PBS!

  8. Frank A. (imn2tv2much42long) says:

    It’s almost my birthday too! On PBS that is. I’ve been a member since 25 Sep 2009. As a relatively late reader and (admittedly) slow reader, I’ve mailed more books than received. But its nice to know that when I want my next good book to read, all I have to do is request it on one of my favorite sites (paperbookswap.com).

  9. I have been a member since 9-6-07. It has been one of the more fun experiences in my 72 years of life with books. It is always fun to go to the mailbox and see just lurks in there.

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