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Summer 2011 Blog Contest

PBS Travelers…Enter our Summer Photo Contest!

Being the avid readers you are, we’re pretty sure you travel with a book or two or three…are we right?  This year don’t forget to pack your PaperBackSwap gear, too. We’re having a contest to see just how far our members travel and how well they show their PBS pride.

Sailing the seven seas? Be sure to wear your PaperBackSwap hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail? A PaperBackSwap t-shirt will keep you comfy and stylish.

Stay-cationioning this year? Don’t forget your PBS cup on the drive…and stick that auto magnet on there while you’re at it!

Submit a picture of yourself with your PaperBackSwap gear (hat, t-shirt, magnet, cup, totebag, etc…) by August 31, 2011 to blog@paperbackswap.com. Be sure to tell us where in the world you are!   We’ll select the 5 best photos of the bunch and the grand prize winner will win 10 credits plus $5.00 PBS money … and the glory, of course!   The four runners up will also each win 5 PBS credits.

Click here to visit the Kiosk and see all the great PBS gear available to order….Don’t delay. Get yours today!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about PaperBackSwap.com..…



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11 Responses to “Summer 2011 Blog Contest”

  1. Cozette M. (CozSnShine) says:

    Drats – should have thought of this BEFORE my cruise to Alaska! lol Fun contest

  2. Trish A. (BlueEyedTrish) says:

    We just got back from our trip to Niagara Falls, I wish I had done something for it….:( but I didn’t have any PBS stuff with me. Well it sounds like a fun contest. Good Luck to everyone!!

  3. sasssy25 says:

    Too bad I don’t have any PBS gear! 🙁

  4. Daniel V. (vassily) says:

    Just got back from Britain a few weeks ago, would have been the perfect trip to do this contest as we were hitting used bookstores all over the south of the country.

    we’ll think of something for this contest, great idea!

  5. Sarah P. (readandsmile) says:

    Cool contest… wish I actually had some gear! Where do you get it?

  6. Anne S. (shermtheworm) says:

    I am really disappointed that none of your gear is made of recycled and/or organic material. It is really disappointing when you have the facade of being a “green” network by using the recycled sign. There are plenty of cheap and/or affordable ways to go about this. And I really feel strongly that I should have the ability to filter who requests my book by geographical location so as to decrease my eco-footprint. I know how I can do this with book requests, but there simply is NO OPTION for this when mailing out to others… thanks.

  7. Barbra T. says:

    Okay–I’m joining the 2011 challenge and am anxious to start. As to writers/books from another country, y’all might be interested in Arnaldur Indridason in Iceland and Qui Xaolong – Inspector Chen, China)

  8. Maria C. (gothcupcake666) says:

    Drats! I wish i would have thought of bringing my PBS bag and t-shirt with me.. too late now I’m already in London and will be here for a week… Checking out a few haunted pubs..and after that I’m headed over to Scotland to see my mum and dad…Toodles happy reading to you all!!

  9. Mimi Y. says:

    Gee, went to Key West. The hat would have come in handy

  10. jane jakins says:

    key west

  11. Ida D. , says:

    Having found the t-shirts, totes, hats, etc. in the KIOSK section, now I am ready for the trip to Disney in Florida. Wish I had them with me when I was in Cape Cod last week. Well, better late than never. Can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy PaberbackSwap. I have broadened my horizons with the wealth of reading material available. And I’m still listing books, as well.

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