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Sunglasses Day is Today! o-o

An homage to Sunglasses by James L. (JimiJam)


Now that summer is officially upon us (though for some it’s been around for weeks already), it’s time to celebrate one of the most indispensable of summertime accessories, Sunglasses!

June 27th is Sunglasses Day, and regardless of whether you’re regularly bespectacled in the off-season months, it’s a day everyone should celebrate! Sunglasses are everywhere, as well they should be. Whether it was the heyday of Hollywood and Holly Golightly strolling across the screen, or General McArthur leading a column of troops, sunglasses have long gone from simple protective eyewear to truly iconic status.

Modern movies have been keen to include various and memorable sun specs, from Tom Cruise’s shades in Risky Business and Top Gun, to the Terminator’s imposingly darkened visage. Doc Brown had his futuristic visor in Back to the Future II, even when flying through a rainstorm. The Blues Brothers would be as lost without their sunglasses as they would without their hats and suits, and the Men in Black would be in a terrible state without their trusted Ray-Bans! Take a look in the video store for a movie about a dog with personality, and it’s a safe bet even pooch is sporting a cool pair of shades right there on the cover.

Music has its bright moments, and a handful of ways to keep from squinting in those moments. Summer wouldn’t be summer without catching Cheap Sunglasses playing under the glare of the midday sun. As students take to their summer breaks (or in some cases, summer classes), it’s wise to consider whether their Future’s So Bright, they have to Wear Shades. Even in the evening, Corey Hart Wears his Sunglasses at Night. For that matter, so do I!

Sunglasses have obviously long been considered integral to affecting an image of pure coolness, but there’s more to dark glasses than simple sense of style! These days, whether they’re prescription or not, Wayfarers or Aviators, Teashades or Solar Shields, sunglasses aren’t just a matter of fashion, but of protection. We all know about using sunscreen to protect our skin, but what about those pretty peepers? In these, the sunniest of months, with their prolonged daylight hours, it’s essential that we do our best to guard ourselves against both blinding glare and harmful UV rays.

There are so many bright and colorful wonders to behold in the brilliance of summer’s days, and sunglasses can help keep your eyes keen enough to take in every splendid glimpse. Whether you’re out for a stylish look, or a sensible guard against the glare, get those shades on and jump into summer!



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5 Responses to “Sunglasses Day is Today! o-o”

  1. Maria (SassenachD) says:

    I love Sunglasses! cues some Corey Hart and ZZ TOP music

  2. Hunter S. (Hunter1) says:

    It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses!………………..HIT IT!!!

    Blues Brothers

  3. Jerelyn H. (I-F-Letty) says:

    My girls are wearing the Jackie O sunglasses or was that last year! 🙂

  4. Cathy W. (Firefly) , says:

    Sunglasses are a normal part of my everyday wear. They aren’t necessary every day where I live now, but old habits die hard. Besides, when I’m not outside, they are a hair accessory! 😀

  5. Whitney (whitneyab) , says:

    Jim, you handsome devil, you! Loved this article!

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