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Great Books available to trade… The Pilot’s Wife, The Shack & more.

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

And check out these great books you may have missed! All of the books below are available to trade right now:

The Pilot's Wife :  Anita Shreve

The Pilot’s Wife : Anita Shreve.  A pilot’s wife is taught to be prepared for the late-night knock at the door. But when Kathryn Lyons receives word that a plane flown by her husband, Jack, has exploded near the coast of Ireland, she confronts the unfathomable –her husband had a secret life, about which she knew nothing…   See other general fiction books currently available for trading.

The Shack  by William P. Young
The Shack by William P. Young. Mackenzie Allen Philips’ youngest daughter, Missy, was abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered was found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend…  Browse other Christian Fiction currently available for trading.

Jacob Have I Loved  by Katherine Paterson
Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson.   Louise and Caroline are twins, growing up on a tiny Chesapeake Bay island in the early 1940s.  Louise, feeling brushed aside for her pampered sister, learns the ways of the watermen and the secrets of the island.  A deeply moving, Newbery-winning story of sisters, twinship and the struggle for identity.  See other Young Adult selections currently available for trading.
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time
Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin The astonishing, uplifting, true story of Greg Mortenson, a homeless mountaineer who, following a 1993 climb of Pakistan’s treacherous K2, was inspired by a chance encounter with impoverished mountain villagers and promised to build them a school…   See other Memoirs currently available for trading.

Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky
Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky Dana Clarke is married to a man she adores, and has just given birth to their first child. What should be the happiest day of her life becomes the day her world falls apart.  Her daughter is born beautiful and healthy, but no one can help noticing the African-American traits in her appearance. Dana’s husband, to her great shock and dismay, begins to worry that people will think Dana has had an affair.  Dana’s determination to discover the truth about her family background becomes a poignant journey that unearths secrets rooted in prejudice and fear.  See other Women’s Fiction books currently available for trading.