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We hear and obey! Newsletter – September 2006

Monday, September 4th, 2006

The auto-repost feature has been removed from PBS. This feature used to “schedule” every book received through PBS for reposting automatically after the default interval, if you did not choose otherwise at the time of marking the book received. The default setting for new accounts was 1 month. Many members used the auto-repost feature happily; but many new members were unaware of its existence, and were confused when books they hadn’t posted were requested from their bookshelves! After getting many requests to remove this feature, we have done so. You can still repost your books easily from the Repost Books area or your TBR Pile, both accessible by clicking “Book Lists” on the right menu of your account page, and choosing “Repost Books” or “TBR Pile” from the dropdown menu. And of course you can always repost your books manually if you like, by using the Post Books button at the top of the right-hand menu of your account page and entering the ISBN.

*For more information, see the Help Center item “Why do my books repost themselves?” at http://www.paperbackswap.com/help/help_item.php?id=118

No Need to Tie That String . . . Newsletter – August 2005

Saturday, August 13th, 2005

How many times have you received a book and enjoyed reading it and then picked up your next book and started reading without reposting the first one? Now you don’t have to tie a string around your finger to remind you to repost that book you finished reading. The club offers an automatic repost feature designed so you don’t have to remember to list the book when you are done. Simply go to your Account Home Page, go to My Account, then to Account Settings. This is where you can designate an automatic repost timeframe based on when you receive a book. No more wondering which books are listed or which ones need to be listed. You can designate a specific timeframe or you can select to manually repost your books. Be sure to check out your account settings and make sure your default repost is within the timeframe best suited for your reading needs.