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Dear Librarian: Missing Emails, Books On Hold,

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Dear Librarian-  I got a “second notice” about a book request, but I never got the first one!  I am getting my other PBS emails, so I know my email provider is not blocking them.  What happened?  -Out of the Loop in Lancaster

Dear Loopy,

We’re sorry that you are missing emails.  Actually, they were blocked by your email provider.  Email providers sometimes choose specific types of emails that they consider “spam” for various reasons, and we don’t know why but the first email notification of a book request (and Wish List offers!) are the emails that most frequently get blocked.  You can see the emails that we sent you (that were accepted by your email provider, even if they weren’t delivered to you) by looking in your Club Communications file, linked from the top of the My Account page.

You can prevent missing emails by adding the PBS system email addresses (librarian@paperbackswap.com, noreply@paperbackswap.com and market@paperbackswap.com) to your email account address book, and removing us from your “blocked senders” list, if we appear there.  This should fix the problem. You can read more in the Help doc “If you think you aren’t getting all your PBS emails…” in the Help Center.

We hope this gets you back in the loop!  Reliable email reception is key to managing an account here.

Dear Librarian – I was looking at my Wish List, and I see there is a book “on hold” there.  How did that happen? – on Hold in Hackensack

Dear Hacky,

An item goes on hold on your Wish List if:

(1) You put it on hold. You can put individual items on hold using the buttons on your Wish List if you are not ready to accept those items when they are offered to you. This will preserve your “place in line” for the book but will hide the wish from the system. This is useful if you have no credits in your account and don’t want to decline a copy of the book (and lose your place in line) if the book becomes available while you have no credits.


(2) When a Wish List book is offered to you, then alternate versions of that book will go on hold on your Wish List. This prevents you from being offered two different versions of a book and having to choose between them.  When the first version arrives, you can remove the alternate versions from your Wish LIst.  If the first version is lost in the mail or arrives damaged, then you can re-activate the wishes for the other versions without having lost your place in line.


(3) When you order a book from the PBS Market and it is mailed to you, if the book is on your Wish List it will go on hold, so that you are not offered a second copy while your Market book is on its way to you.   Again, when the first version arrives, you can remove the alternate versions from your Wish LIst.

To take the item off hold, you just need to check the box to the left of the item, then click the “Unhold” button at the top of the Wish List.  That will make the wish active again.


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