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News: PBS Gift Certificates, Daily Digest, Reviews

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

One for me, and one for you… If you gave  PBS Gift Certificates this holiday, don’t forget to tell the lucky recipients to enter your PBS Nickname (or the email address you use for your PBS account) when registering, so that you get your referral credit!  Referred accounts must be the first for the household to be eligible for referral credit, of course, and referral credit is granted when the new member has completed registration, including posting the first 10 books.

Are you in the loop? If you don’t get the Daily Digest, you may be missing out on books you would love to read!   The Daily Digest is a daily email that shows you the books posted during the previous day, in the genres you have selected.   We’ve upgraded the feature so that now, only currently-available books are shown to you by default (no more disappointment seeing books other people have already ordered by the time you get the email), and the new, easy-on-the-eyes format includes book descriptions. It’s a great way to start each day – browsing for books with your morning coffee.  Read more about the Daily Digest and subscribe today!

Be a person of influence. Every reader knows the thrill of reading a wonderful book, and wanting to share that feeling with other readers.  It’s easy to spread the news with the club by writing Book Reviews.  Take a few minutes and review a few books every day – review the books on your Bookshelf or Books I’ve Read list, or books you’ve read that you see while browsing your Daily Digest or Books Posted Today page.  Members tell us all the time how much book reviews help them decide whether or not to request a book.  And now, a list of your reviews is linked from any review you have written. So if you read a review you agree with, you should check out that member’s other reviews by clicking the “see all reviews by this member” link…it’s a terrific way to find your next great read!

Daily Digest (your 24 hour reminder) Now Sorted by Genre: Newsletter – September 2005

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

The Daily Digest just gets better . . . and better. Now when you receive customized updates of all newly posted books, they’ll be presorted by genre. No need to wade through the list looking for the different types of books you want. Your daily email of all new book posts will be pre-sorted according to the genres that you have requested. Spend less time searching and more time finding the books you want within 24 hours of their listing. If you haven’t signed up for your ‘daily dose’, be sure to check out how this feature brings the best to you! Be sure to customize your Daily Digest settings today!

Be Sure to Get Your Daily Digest: Newsletter – June 2005

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Because we are growing so fast, the number of new books listed daily has risen to over a thousand a day! It can take some time to browse through all of these – what a great problem/opportunity!! 1400+ books a day!

To help you sort through the most recent postings, select the Daily Digest and receive a nightly email for the genres you like. Customize your Daily Digest, selecting your favorite genre or author. The system will sort through all newly posted books in the past 24 hours and pull the ones that meet your specified criteria, emailing you with this information.