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Dear Members,

Monday, May 17th, 2010

With Summer just around the corner, my thoughts go back to that time as a child, anticipating the joy of release from school.  Just knowing that we were not going to be on a schedule or that we had to go to school was enough to get me out of bed and raring to go!   May was all about the thrill of anticipation: soon, no more homework, no more studying for tests, just long summer days running around outside, riding bikes, playing with my friends – the anticipation of summer was as good as summer itself!

Had I known that summer vacation was a childhood phenomenon and that this would all come to a screeching halt as an adult, I would have certainly relished that time more intensely.  The good news is that  I can still find that wonderful feeling these days…whenever I open a book I’ve been eager to read.  The simple enjoyment of falling into a story; what’s better than that?   Whatever you’re seeking – a thrillride or a return to the innocent fun of childhood or a devious whodunit – it’s all just waiting for you between the covers of a  book!

Have a great month of May.   And a special Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Moms out there!

Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team