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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Let your fingers do the shopping… Why fuss over what to give?   PBS Gift Certificates are the answer!   We’ve spruced them up and now you can create your own custom card with a gift code redeemable for 5 or 10 book credits.   You can choose from among the many holiday-themed designs we offer OR upload your own graphic.  Then add your own personalized message, purchase the gift code and email the card, or print the card out to go into the mail.  There is even an option to send an e-Card to a PBS Buddy (so you don’t have to know his or her email address to be Santa)!   It’s a great way to show the readers in your life that you care – no worries about sizes or colors or do-they-already-have-one…  You can’t go wrong with books!

Started as a game, turned into friendship... junie (June E.) writes in to tell us that the Mystery/Thriller Virtual Box swap she participates in is the longest running Virtual box in the club, and all of the participants have become good friends.    “We are planning a get together in June 2010 with some of us flying from all over the Country, possibly in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  However, six of us didn’t want to wait, so we all met in Lake Anna, Virginia Oct. 23 thru 25th in a beautiful 5 bedroom house on the lake.” Looks like they had a great time!

Left to right, Debbie G-(deb3009), Diana M. (booklady4), Rachel P. (Retrogram), June E. (junie), Nita A. (nawatramani), Kay A. (jegka).

We looked and saw that this Virtual Box began way back in May 2008!   If you are interested in playing Games at PBS (or finding out what the heck a Virtual Box is), check out the Games forum. Don’t be shy! Experienced Gamers and Games Moderators will help you learn the ropes, and there are topics in the forums that you can read to teach you how things work. Make some friends, get some books, have some fun!

We think you guys are awesome. And so do the schools to whom you all so generously donated your credits, so that we could send them books.  We were astonished by, and really proud of, the response our Books for Schools program got.   You donated enough credits to provide books to NINE schools in need – for some of those schools, these books will actually start their school libraries!  Currently, we’re getting the books all shipped and making sure everything goes well with the first nine, and then we will be enrolling more schools from the long list of needy schools we’ve compiled from your suggestions.  You can read more about Books for Schools here.

A letter from one of the teachers in NC says it all:
I want to thank all of the PBS members from the bottom of my heart for the book donations! With your donation, teachers will have many books in their classrooms that students can have easy access to. Our students are enthusiastic and excited about learning and reading. Your donation — your thoughtfulness — is helping to grow these kids into lifelong readers and learners.  You are readers, so you know the power of books.  Thank you for giving that power to our students! – Jayne Jennings, AIG Specialist, Henderson County Schools.

Gamers can’t get enough! Newsletter – March 2008

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Some members from AZ who play PBS Games in the Games Forum decided to extend their fun into real life.  Kathy W  (katlw) wrote in Some of us games gals in AZ had a little potluck and book swap. It was held at my house and we ate lunch, gabbed and of course, swapped books!   It was a total blast!” Thanks for the pics, Kathy!  Who got to keep all the books in that pile in front of you?  That’s what everyone wants  to know.

Pictured:    Left: The PBS Gals back r-l: Heather F, Samantha M, Staci T ; Front r-l: Kathy W, Lori M
Right: The PBS Kids R-L: Carson, Tannis, Tristan, Tati, Cait

Let the Games Begin! Newsletter – September 2008

Monday, October 10th, 2005

Part of the fun at PaperBackSwap is trading books, chatting and making new friends, posting on forums and watching your Book Map fill up with lots of red dots. Another part is finding all the entertaining games and contests that are offered daily. Now there is a section dedicated to GAMES. Richard started with his Twenty Question game, and members stepped in and took on the roll of game moderators. So far, we’ve had more than 100 games take place on the site. In addition to games, look for two new contests to be offered in November.

The first game, “Count Your Blessings . . . and Books” will give members a chance to guess the last two digits of the total number of books posted on the site as of Thanksgiving Day 8 pm ET. This contest will be limited to the first 400 members. Contest rules and instructions will be distributed the first week of November.

The second contest, “A Quarter of a Million” offers all members a chance to participate in the fun. In this contest, members will be given chances to guess the exact date and time that a member will post the 250,000th book. Time slots are on a first-come, first-reserve basis. So, get your mathematical thinking caps on and start calculating so that you’re ready to reserve your guesses. May the best “guesser” win!

20 Questions: Newsletter – September 2008

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

This present is a game for book lovers that we can all play over and over! You remember the childhood game called 20 Questions? Well, we have come up with our own version for all of our members at PaperBackSwap. The objective is to guess the answer to the question “Which – Book Title, Author or Character – am I?”

1. The possible categories for the answer include: Book Title, Author or Character
2. You can only ask Yes or No questions. If you ask a question that is neither Yes or No, then you will get a response of NA (not applicable or relevant).
3. You can guess as many times as you want. You may submit multiple questions in one day if you so choose.
4. Each time you ask a question, you earn a point.
5. Questions are answered by the host of the game once per day; timing of the host’s answers may vary from day to day so keep a watchful eye.
6. The person who guesses correctly with the lowest score wins.
7. The contest will be held over a predetermined amount of time as determined by the host. Usually 1 to 4 weeks. You can join in at any time during the game.
8. No results will be posted until the end of the game.
9. The host is responsible for all prizes!

Any member can become a host and run their own game. Please see the instructions for HOSTING YOUR OWN GAME! Let The Games Begin!!!!!!!!