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Monday, June 15th, 2009

Whatcha hidin’?  …Wouldn’t you like to know!  The soft bookcovers in the Kiosk can keep your reading material private, as well as protect your books and make them easy to hold.  Now in three sizes: Mass Market, Premium Mass Market (= most trade paperbacks) and Hardcover, and a number of different patterns.  Seriously, if you haven’t gotten one of these yet, you are missing out!

Cross-Country Champs… Check out the new page of Most Traveled Books under Search at the top of any page on the site…. These are individual copies of books that have been swapped the most times and are still traveling and available to request.  You can see the path each book has taken, and you can also see the most-swapped copies of all time from a link on the still-traveling copies page.  Think of it, each of these books could have had just one reader and then languished on a dusty shelf forever.  Instead, each of them has gladdened the hearts of multiple readers – and the currently-traveling copies are still going strong!