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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

We are really amazed and proud at the response to the  Story Time with Soldiers drive! You all really stepped up to provide books for the United Through Reading military donation program that provides pre-deployment DVDs of soldiers reading storybooks to their children.  We hit our goals for donated money and credits, and we heard the most heartwarming responses from you…

“The idea of deployed service personnel reading to their children warms even the coldest heart. I love these programs. It’s little enough to donate 10 credits to keep the program running. Good job, team. Keep up these outreach programs.” – Betty A.

“I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that PBS is supporting a program like Story Time with Soldiers!

My brother-in-law is currently on his 3rd deployment to Iraq, leaving behind my sister and 2 small boys, ages 4 & 1. Before he left, he had my sister video tape him reading books to the boys. Those boys have watched that video just about every day since he left 6 months ago. And when he came home for his 2-week mid-deployment leave, those boys had no trouble bonding with their dad because they had seen him reading to them every single day since he left. Even though my sister and brother-in-law did their video on their own, this is still my personal proof that this is a very important program.

Thanks to PBS for supporting our troops AND their families!!” – Yvonne G.

Thanks, Betty and Yvonne!  We too love this program, and we’re so touched at how you all have reached out to these families.  You can read more about the program here.  Thanks again for giving!

We’ve spruced up the author bibliography pages. If you click the author name on any listing you will now see the book images of the currently-available books by that author, and every book version is shown.  It used to be just a list, but members wanted more detail.  We hope this helps you keep up with your favorite author, or stock up on an author you just discovered.

Shopaholics take note! Love browsing the PBS Market ? Hate it when you get interrupted and your cart is empty when you log back in?  Now your cart will remember the items you have added, even if you log out; they’ll be waiting for you when you come back.   If you haven’t visited the PBS Market lately, be sure to stop by – new books are added every hour.

Timed-release Newsletter: Sending this NewsWire puts a strain on our servers, which can slow down the site.  We are trying something new this month – the Newsletter will go out slowly over several days.  So if you hear that someone else hasn’t gotten her Newsletter and you have, just reassure her that hers is on the way.  We hope this takes the load off the servers so that the site will continue to run smoothly even while a Newsletter is going out.

Dear Librarian; Story Time with Soldiers, Wrapping Books Better

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Dear Librarian-  I am so thrilled to give to the Story Time with Soldiers program!  Why don’t you have a program to send books directly to the soldiers, though? I would love to give credits for that. – Patriot in Patalaska

Dear Pat,

We’d love to make that available!   Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to source the right type of books (our current sources are for children’s books) and the costs of buying books and shipping them overseas are just prohibitive.   We are working on it, though, and maybe someday we will have a solution.  In the meantime, folks who want to get books to soldiers can check out Books for Soldiers – they are doing a great job!

And thanks for giving to Story Time, Pat – we know that by doing that you have made a real difference in the lives of these children, who are truly our country’s littlest soldiers.

Dear Librarian –  I got a book that barely made it through the mail!  The packaging was hanging off the book and the sender used Scotch tape.  The wrapping job was appalling.  It is sheer luck that the book got to me and wasn’t lost or severely damaged.  How can we tell people to wrap better?   – Determined in Detroit

Dear Troy,

We have all that info in the Help Center about wrapping, and the information about not using Scotch tape right on the wrapper itself!  What you may not realize is that the package probably looked pretty good when it started its journey, but along the way the tape peeled off and the wrapper tore.  We can tell folks all day long in the Help Center (and we do) about wrapping, but nothing brings the message home like a helpful word from a member who actually got the book at the other end.  Just let this sender know that the USPS journey was tough on this wrapping, and that Scotch tape doesn’t hold up very well in general, and we bet that your advice will have more effect than a zillion reminders from us.

Please be gentle, if you do have to give feedback about wrapping to a sender.   Remember that the person was trying to get the book to you and was doing his or her best.  Even if it looks like their best was “appalling,” it probably did not start out that way, and if the sender knew that the wrapping would fall apart, he or she would have done better.  Give him or her a kind and positive helping hand to know how to do better next time.  It will make the club experience better for everyone – including the books!


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Dear PBS Members,

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Happy Spring!

Things are blooming and the birds are singing; nature is coming back to life.   Time for spring-cleaning and yard cleanup, looking forward to outdoor fun with the family.   It’s a wonderful time of year.   And we have wonderful news to go with it!  We’ve been able to expand our donations program with a new program for military families.   We are happy to announce Story Time with Soldiers in co-operation with United Through Reading.

United Through Reading is a nonprofit organization devoted to uniting families by the simple yet important act of reading together.  Their military program, as featured on NBC Nightly News, focuses on families separated by military deployment.  How it works : Prior to deployment, soldiers read a storybook for their children while being videotaped. Then a DVD is sent to the family along with the book, and the family can watch the DVD and read the book with the children.  Through Story Time with Soldiers, Paperbackswap will be providing new children’s books for the soldiers to read aloud – every credit a member donates will get a book for this purpose!  You can also donate PBS Money to offset the cost of buying and shipping the new books.  Your donations can really make a difference in the lives of our military families as they protect and serve our country.   You can read more/donate here.

We hope that everyone is having a terrific Spring!
and the PaperBackSwap Team