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Travel Books… Favorites? Eyewitness Travel Guides

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Chances are, you and your family are going to be traveling this summer and you do realize you can request 5 to 6 used travel books for the price of one new book, right? What’s your favorite? my favorite… Eyewitness Travel Guides.

There are several ways to find travel books on PBS and I’d like to help you find what you’re looking for.Travel Eyewitness Vegas

1. Book Sliders. The easiest way to stumble upon a travel book is right in front of you. Find the Travel genre on the book slider on the home page and browse book covers easily. If you come back frequently you may want to  select the travel genre as one of your favorites and then every time you login to PaperBackSwap you’ll have a new selection of travel books displayed to you automatically.

2. Book Browser. Of course you could just enter “Travel” in our search box but if you’re looking for something specific you might want to use our “book browser”.  Once on the browser I like to use the “select multiple genres” as it gives a little more control.  Scroll down to find the Travel genre on the bottom right.  This form allows you to select several more-specific sub-genres such as travel > Africa or travel > Europe.  You could drill all the way down to Travel >> Guidebook Series >> Eyewitness. The next filter I would consider using is the Publication Date.  Prices of attractions, hotels, and restaurants do change.  SIDE-NOTE: Please DO NOT do this to your family… My dad had a 30 year old travel guide he kept in the glove box. We would read all the reviews and finally agree on the best place to eat. Then we’d drive an hour or so out of the way (starving at this time) only to find that it was out of business.  However if you’re looking for a great way to torture your teenagers… this works.  So for starters use >= 2000. This link will help get you started: Travel Books. Don’t forget: if you can’t find the specific travel books you’re looking for just change the browser to show “all books” and add them to your wish list!

3. Tags. Find the “Community” drop down menu and go to ” Club Tag Cloud”, next find Travel or just click this link for books fellow members have tagged related to travel. One key to this list is the ReSort button.  Use the ReSort button to sort the books by posted, date, title, author and the default is set to tag usage.

4. Lists. Soon you’ll be able to create a list of all of your favorite travel books. Just a small taste of something to be released soon 🙂

Here are a few links to popular travel guides available on PBS:

A few books available at the time of this posting:

Fodors Puerto RicoFrommers Grand CanyonLonely Planet Europe on a ShoestringTop 10 Toronto EyewitnessRick Steves LondonFrommers BahamasLonely Planet Italy

If you have a favorite travel guide or place to vacation please share with us below… We’ll give away a few credits to randomly chosen comments below just to help you get started on your summer travels. Have a great summer everyone! (giveaway has ended)

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