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Fantasy Review – Blood from a Silver Cross

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015


Blood from a Silver Cross by E. S. Moore

Review by Kelsey O.


As per usual with E.S. Moore’s writing, we are thrown head long into Kat Redding’s life from the first page. Kat Redding, aka Lady Death, is still grappling with what she is and with the help of Ethan still looking for an alternative to drinking blood. Also on Kat’s plate is the fact that she has become the personal bitch for the Vampire Countess Baset all because Kat slayed her lover. The Countess sends her on missions that usually end up with someone being assassinated. The demon, Beligral, still has her in his clutches and now a new werewolf has moved in with the Luna Cult and has locked her sights on Jonathan. Before this Kat didn’t know what her feelings were for Jonathan but now she is finding she is a wee bit jealous but that will have to wait because she has to hunt down members of the Left Hand who are once again targeting the Luna Cult . Factor into all this Adrian, another Alpha werewolf who Kat is oathed to.

So as you can see there is a lot going on and lot of different plot lines to follow making for a very action packed read. Though I feel that all the plot lines tie beautifully together if you haven’t read any of this series you might be a bit lost on a few things. Great urban fantasy read and E.S. Moore leaves you anticipating what he will do to Kat next.