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Time to Celebrate! PaperBackSwap is 8!


Today PaperBackSwap turns 8!


For those of you who don’t know the history, our Founder Richard Pickering found himself with many many books. Not wanting to throw them away, and quickly losing the battle to store them he first tried setting up a lend-to-friends library. Soon people were leaving more books with Richard.  That obviously wasn’t the answer. He kept mulling over the idea of how to share his books with others who would love to read them. And soon the idea for PaperBackSwap was born.


At first the site was a place for friends, and friends of friends to swap books. And it grew and grew and grew from there. Today PaperBackSwap has members in every state, and every US territory across the globe.


In what is truly a labor of love, PaperBackSwap is first a wonderful site to swap books, but it is also a place to find friends, community, new authors and a connection to a larger world.


For PaperBackSwap’s 8 year anniversary, we asked 8 members to tell us about 8 books that have mattered to them. For the next 8 days, here on the Blog, we will feature a member a day and their personal story of their love of books.


And of course what better way to celebrate 8 than with a contest for our wonderful members! Our birthday present to you, 8 book credits to 8 members!


To enter our PBS is 8!! drawing, just respond to this post and tell us how long you’ve been a member of PBS.  If you aren’t sure how long you’ve been a member, you can find it in “My Profile” under “My Account”.  If you haven’t chosen a nickname or made a profile yet, now would be a great time.  Simply go to “My Account”, choose “Settings” and click “Set Up a Profile”.  You can also see the date you joined on each forum post you write.


We will draw 8 responses at random to receive 8 credits each!  The contest will end on Saturday, September 8, 2011 at 8:00 pm. We will announce the 8 winners of 8 credits each on Wednesday,  September 12, 2011. 



Good Luck to all and Happy Birthday PBS!







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163 Responses to “Time to Celebrate! PaperBackSwap is 8!”

  1. Randi C. (nordicgirl) says:

    Member since 10-29-08, almost 4 years! I’m completely addicted, love sending books to a new home and getting new ones for myself and my daughter! Thanks PBS!

  2. Kim W. (4buttercup) says:

    I have been a member since 7/19/2010, and I have loved every minute. I now read genres and authors that I probably wouldn’t have considered before.

  3. Rina H. (sky34) says:

    I’ve been a member since 10/1/06! Wow, has it been that long? Thanks for keeping me well-stocked for reading material, PBS!

  4. Amanda F. (Scooby2) , says:

    I’ve been a member here since 3/24/2008. I love PBS!

  5. Angela R. (afr66) says:

    I’ve been a member for 4 years and I love the site! I’ve read books I would have never bought. The blogs and other member pages are wponderful & a lot of fun. Here’s to many more years!

  6. Karen S. says:

    I joined PBS on 3/12/2007, after reading an article about stuff you could get for FREE. The article mentioned books – it didn’t say anything about the great friendships and generous spirit I would also find … Thank you, PBS, for everything!

  7. Angela H. (Halti4) says:

    A friend pointed me to this site 6/16/2007 and I have been here almost everyday since then. It was so nice to find friends who did not think the 1000 book TBR mountain was unusual. I have met some of the most wonderful people and have had the greatest time with them, both here and in the real world too.

  8. Heather S. (aurone) says:

    I have been a member since 12/2007 nearly 5 years! And I have received 164 books! Wow! Thanks paperbackswap for helping me stay stocked in reading materials, this is a great site and I so appreciate what you all do.

  9. Stacie F. (staceid) says:

    I joined on 1/11/2006 … can hardly believe it’s been that long!

  10. Jennifer F. (mrscountryham) says:

    I have been a member for 1 year and about 8 months. I LOVE this site. I ave never had a bad experience swapping at all, it is so nice to know there is still so many trustworthy people out there who love to read.

  11. Casey C. says:

    Been a member since 4/9/2007. One of the the best moves ever. Love finding a wrapped-up book in my mailbox. Thanks PBS!

  12. Tammy says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    I just past my one year anniversary on PBS on August 9th. I love this service, and I am looking forward to reading the three books that are on their way to me now. Eight credits would be wonderful!

  13. Audrey D. (sunshine82) says:

    I’ve been a member since 12/25/2008. Great site. I love getting new (for me) books

  14. Tonya S. (teeshay) says:

    I’ve been a member for just over a year, since 8/29/11, and have filled my shelves with lots of great books (as well as passed along lots of great books to other members)!

  15. dancemoretango says:

    Happy Birthday PBS!! Thanks for all you do. I’ve been a member since 3/25/2008.

  16. Alana L. (racemom) says:

    Happy Eight! I’ve been a member since 3/21/10 – only 2.5 years but making up for lost time by swapping plenty of books.

  17. VOSTROMO says:

    I’ve been a PBS member since One Million B.C. — I remember because I was in the process of signing up when Raquel Welch stormed in demanding help with her bikini. Talk about annoying.

  18. Julie G. (usedbookfiend) says:

    I have been a member since 2008 – it’s fate that I should win 8 credits! Happy Birthday PaperBack Swap – each time I get another book in the mail it feels like getting a present!

  19. Jennifer (JenLapa) says:

    Wow, I’ve been a member of PBS for two years now! (Since: 8/26/2010) I didn’t realize it had been that long! I LOVE it!! My kids & I love books, and this is a great place to get them that doesn’t break the bank. Especially since we tend to stumble upon books in the middle of obscure series that are hard to find! =)

  20. Lindsay N. says:

    I’ve only been a member since 7/25/12… but am already obsessed. 🙂 Would love to do a little book-swapping in honor of PBS’ 8th bday if I won the credits! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  21. Heather P. (pitbullnebula) says:

    I have been a member for almost 5 years! Love the site!

  22. leedee says:

    I have been a member for almost 3 years.

  23. Vicky T. (VickyJo) says:

    I joined in May of 2007, just over five years. Wow…time flies when you’re having fun! Congratulations PBS!!

  24. Issa S. (Issa-345) says:

    Member since 7/30/2006. Six years, I can’t believe it. With so many websites coming and going it’s so great one of my favorites has been around for so long. Here’s hoping for at least another 6!

  25. Candace H. (candacehnc) says:

    Wow, I’ve been a member for over 3 years (Aug. 2009) – such a great site and a wonderful idea that turned into something terrific! Congrats on 8 years!

  26. Sandra H. (pandareads) says:

    Been a member since 6-20-10, so a little over two years!

  27. vpmraika says:

    I joined on 6/18/2009. I love this site – I’ve saved so much money!

  28. Kathy B. (kathyb0502) says:

    I joined 11/11/05 – so I’ve been here for almost 7 years! This has been a fantastic site, I’ve treasured every book I’ve received. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  29. Kerrie W. says:

    I’ve been a member since 12/29/09. I still remember filling up my wishlist that first week, like a kid in a candy shop!

  30. Suvorov says:

    Hi, I joined 12/28/2009!

  31. Jennifer W. (jena88) says:

    I have been a member since 08/05 of this year, and I absolutely love it! I love the idea of knowing someone is able to get a kick out of my old books, and I can get other books that I’ve been dying to read without really paying for them!

  32. Theresa L. (theresapus) , says:

    I’ve been a member since 2/10/07! Wow! That’s 5 years! Crazy! I love PBS and have told all my bibliophile friends about it!

  33. Lori B. says:

    Signed on in January of 2011. LOVE PAPERBACK SWAP.

  34. Suzanne S. (schwip) says:

    I have been an ‘addict’ since January of 2008. This site is so awesome. I love browsing for books that I never would have even thought to look at. I feel it is a shame for a book to sit on a shelf, I believe that books are meant to roam, be shared, and most of all READ!

  35. Linda (Angeleyes) , says:

    It’s my PBS anniversary too ! I’ve been a member since 9/2007. Love ! Love ! Love ! Paperbackswap and all it’s members. : )

  36. According to my profile I’ve been a member since 10/28/2006. Love all the many books I’ve gotten through PBS.

  37. JudyK says:

    i have been a member since the fall of 2009. Saved lots of money, read books that i wouldnt have otherwise and made some nice internet friends…

  38. Amber M. (babygyrl) says:

    I have been with paperback since 2/23/2007; also with your sister sites. Swapadvd since 12/21/2007 and the CD one since 8/24/2007! Wow over 5 years! I haven’t gone out and bought any of these things since I have joined! love that anything i want i can get here! Now you need to make a games one 🙂

  39. lemberley says:

    Happy Birthday PBS! I have been a member since January 28, 2011. I have received over 100 books from all over the country and sent out 82! I love Paperback Swap!

  40. Kathy H. (Nellie) says:

    My Swap-a-versary is April 23, 2007..I can’t believe its been that long. I’ve made some wonderful friends here and been introduced to books I would never have heard of otherwise. This is truly a community of kindred spirits. One of my favorite quotes from here:

    We are strangers made into a family by books. It’s a magical thing. -PaperBackSwap NewsWire – December 2010

  41. Ellen H. (eeeee) says:

    I’ve been a member since 7/3/2006, and have loved every minute of it!

  42. Gail P. (TinkerPirate) Montara, CA says:

    My DD dragged me kicking and screaming into an internet book club 07/06/06…and I have NEVER regretted it for a moment!

    In addition to the books that have come and gone from my house, I have met some of my very bestest friends in the whole world virtually or in person when I happen to be traveling through their stomping grounds or on the PBS cruise.

    Thanks to all who keeps this gift going!

    Gail (aka GrammieGail aka TinkerPirate)and her pink friend Myrtle

  43. Sheyen , says:

    I have been a member since Oct 1, 2006, so that is 5 years, 11 months, 2 days, and a few odd hours. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was in another group (one that is defunct now) and a member from here came into that chat and said *have you ever heard of paperbackswap*. It was a boring Sunday afternoon, so I hopped over here, and have been a dedicated member since then. This is my life, and always will be.

  44. mistyks says:

    I started swapping on 10/13/2007…next month is my 5 year swapaversary! It has been so much fun!
    Thanks to PBS and all the members of this site for sharing their books 🙂 I learned about the site through a group of cross-stitchers I met up with on the internet on regular basis 5 years ago. A couple of them signed up on this site before I did and mentioned it in one of our on-line discussions. Happy Birthday, PBS!!!

  45. Megan P. (pbnuffsaid) says:

    I have been a member since 8/22/2010, just over 2 years! I can’t remember how I learned about this site, but whenever I talk to someone about books (which happens often) I tell them about this site and how wonderful and easy it is! Thanks for the wonderful service you provide! Happy Birthday, PBS!!

  46. Becky (southchick-ga) says:

    I have been a member of PaperBackSwap for nearly 4 years. I joined on October 30, 2008, right after my husband and I married as a way to get rid of some book that we had acquired over the years. I don’t know what caused me to abandon my account, but I didn’t start swapping until July 2010. I’ve been a happy swapper ever since!

  47. Becky says:

    I’ve been a member since 3/18/08 – love PBS!!!!

  48. Emily S. (awesomelymle) says:

    Been a member since 7/22/2012 Fairly new, but I love this site so much! Great way to find new books.

  49. Debbie (orchid7) says:

    I’ve been a member since 5-16-09, so for a little over three years. I love it. Happy 8th Anniversary, PBS! 🙂

  50. Janette B. (janetteb) says:

    I’ve been a member since 6/28/08. I’m so glad I discovered PBS. I’ve read many books I normally wouldn’t have. I love PBS!!

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