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TIPS & TRICKS: Newsletter – October 2006

Don’t be a drag! Really long forum sigs are tough on your fellow PBSers. Some sigs we have seen take up half a Forum page! If other members have to drag past miles of text on every two-line post you make in forums, they are much less likely to read your sig; they may turn off the ability to see sigs at all (you can do this in your Account Settings). And that is counter-productive, if for example you use your forum sig to advertise your latest “deal”. For best use of the forum sig feature, put your magnum opus in your Public profile, and trim your sig line to reasonable proportions (5-10 lines).

Not all cover-ups are bad. When you wrap a book to send, you must be sure that the book is completely enclosed in the wrapper. Exposed edges are very vulnerable to damage, and your book may have a long way to go! Read the Help Center items on wrapping—there are basic guidelines there. Make sure your books arrive in as good a condition as they left you. Be nice to your books and protect them well for their journeys to their new homes!

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