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To Honor a Woman of Quiet Valor – CarolCeltic

PaperBackSwap lost a long-time and very special member. Most of us who participated in the Discussion Forums on the site called her friend. Matter of fact, Carol has over 250 other members on her Friends List. And many of us have a soft spot in our hearts for her.

Carol joined PaperBackSwap in 2006 and in that time swapped thousands of books and sent out many more to her friends and acquaintances on the site. She loved books! She loved to read books and to share books with other book lovers.

She also loved to share her kindness and encouraging words with her friends here. It was a rare instance when Carol didn’t respond with kind words and caring when someone posted a joy or trouble in Club Member Thoughts. It was no surprise when she was named Member of the Month in February of 2008.



Carol had her share of difficulties in her life, but went on with it, with courage and determination. She was an example to us all of us when life slings hardships our way. She got up day after day, making the best of it. She knew what was important. The love of Family and Friends and her sweet companion, Sampson. Sampson was also kind of our dog, since we had the joy in helping to name him. We read her stories of his puppy-hood with laughter and love. We celebrated his achievements and antics with her. We love, through our love of Carol, her love for him.

Carol, we will miss your presence in the forums, in the swaps, in our lives. And we are better people for knowing and loving you.  Thank you for your example of quiet valor, your quirky sense of humor and for sharing the last 10 years of your life with us.




8 Responses to “To Honor a Woman of Quiet Valor – CarolCeltic”

  1. Maria (SassenachD) , says:

    I will miss this special lady. We had a hoot of a time in the chat room years back! She was a dear. She loved fiercely! I am still in shock. We talked weeks ago. RIP Dear Carol!

  2. Cari Hylton says:

    Carol’s absence will be felt often. She was such a sweet soul, always asking about my son and my dogs. While we chatted about many things, her devotion to her parents and Samson were always in the forefront.

    Thank you Carol for brightening my days, I look forward to seeing you again one day.

  3. Ani (goddessani) says:

    What a fitting tribute to Carol. She was such an inspiration to everyone by reminding us of what is important: family, friends, books and pets.

    She will be missed by all who had contact with her.

  4. Mistry (Kim) says:

    Carol was one of the first people I “met” at PBS. I know she will be greatly missed.

  5. Karen S. B. (kcsue) says:

    Bless her heart; she will be greatly missed by many.

  6. Pamela S. (Cosmina) says:

    Carol was so great in the forums. You always had a sense of her struggles, but she was never complaining. I want to be more like her. I will always remember her from my first year here. She is one of several friends I made when I first joined. RIP, sweet Carol.

  7. Melanie B. (tamajinn) says:

    Carol was like a little celebrity here, with always a kind word and a promise to pray for anyone going through a rough time. I always saw her as someone who lived to her full potential, and she was an inspiration to me.

  8. T. says:

    Rest in Peace, dear friend.


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