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The following books are available to trade.

Predator by Patricia Cornwell . In an abandoned house in the rural South, a woman is held against her will. Her captor is unknown to her-and indeed unseen – but even in the dark, she knows that he is near.  Meanwhile, Kay Scarpetta and her colleagues – Benton Wesley, Pete Marino, and her niece Lucy Farinelli – investigate a series of forensic cases as haunting as any they have ever tackled. See other suspense books currently available for swapping.

Divine by Karen Kingsbury. Mary Madison was a child of unspeakable horrors, a young woman society wanted to forget. Now a divine power has set Mary free to bring life-changing hope and love to battered and abused women living in the shadow of the nation’s capital. Best-selling author Karen Kingsbury weaves another dramatic story of tragedy and redemption.   See other Christian Fiction selections currently available for swapping.
If Only In My Dreams by Wendy Markham.  Imagine Clara McCallum’s astonishment when she steps off an old-fashioned locomotive from a movie set and finds herself whisked back in time to 1941, and into the arms of Jed Landry, a man whom Clara has read about and studied, a man who is very much alive in 1941 but whom she knows will die a hero at Normandy three years later-or is it 62 years ago?  See other Paranormal Romance books currently available for swapping.
The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse . Mila creates headlines around the world when she is rescued from an unpopulated island off the coast of Florida. Now a teenager, she has been raised by dolphins from the age of four.  Researchers teach Mila language and music. She learns, too, about rules and expectations, about locked doors and broken promises, disappointment and betrayal. — The more Mila finds out what it means to be human, the more deeply she longs for her ocean home. Browse other books for age 9-12 currently available for swapping.

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger On the surface, Henry and Clare Detamble are a normal couple living in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Henry works at the Newberry Library and Clare creates abstract paper art, but the cruel reality is that Henry is a prisoner of time. It sweeps him back and forth at its leisure, from the present to the past, with no regard for where he is or what he is doing. Yes, it’s as good as everyone has told you – if you have not read this book, you’ve missed out!  Browse other General Fiction books currently available for swapping.


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