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True Crime Review – The I-5 Killer


 The I-5 Killer by Ann Rule

Review by jjares


This story was fascinating to read. Randall Woodfield was gifted in so many ways. He was a handsome, all-around athlete with a bright future in front of him. The author talks about the family dynamic, which is critical to understand how Randall went off the rails.


Randall came after two older sisters. He begrudged them because they got to do things he couldn’t do. His parents had high expectations for Randall. However, he kept seeing women as controlling and rejecting. He could not handle it. So he looked for younger women who would pour adulation over him with no negative vibes. However, life isn’t like that.


Randall started his deviant behavior (exposing himself), and his coaches covered it up. After the Green Bay Packers recruited him, they dropped Randall because he continued his deviant behavior.


Before Randall was permanently removed from society, he had disrupted at least 44 women’s lives. Moreover, because he ranged over I – 5 Highway, from Oregon through California, he committed more crimes than one might expect before he was apprehended.


The author did a masterful job of laying out Randall’s story. I hope he never gets paroled; he is a danger to all women — particularly younger females. Amazingly, Randall continues his maneuvering with women despite being in prison.


Ann Rule is one of the foremost authors of true crime. She helped mold the genre into what it is today. Ann comes from a long line of law enforcement officers, a prosecuting attorney, and a medical examiner. Ann started out as a Seattle policewoman. She died in 2015.


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