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Twitter Background Contest Results are in!

Thanks to everyone for your design submissions & votes!

  • 1st Place Winners = $100 +25 credits (transferable between PaperbackSwap.com/SwapaCD.com/SwapaDVD.com), 1 Year Box-O-Books, 1 Year Book Journal, $10.00 PaperbackSwap Money, $10.00 SwapaCD.com Money and $10.00 SwapaDVD.com Money)
  • 2nd place Winners:  20 Credits transferable
  • 3rd place Winners:  15 Credits transferable
  • 4th place Winners:  10 Credits transferable
  • 5th place Winners:  5 Credits transferable

Thanks again to TwitterBackgroundsGallery.com for helping us with this contest!

The People’s Choice awards are:

Congrats to Lauri Johnsen - Winner of our Twitter Background Contest

Congrats to Lauri Johnsen - Winner of our Twitter Background Contest

  1. @LauriJohnsen
  2. @burtonreview
  3. @renegadebison
  4. @LauriJohnsen
  5. @mariEngle

The PBS Team’s Choice awards are:

  1. @LauriJohnsen We loved it as well! Congrats!
  2. @goldentwig
  3. @mariEngle
  4. @MaestroColl
  5. @renegadebison

Winner’s please email your original artwork files to librarian@paperbackswap.com. (We would prefer your photoshop/illustrator files as well, just in case we need to change image size or something.)
-Make sure to include your PBS member information in the email as well (nickname/membership email address) to help us track you down quickly and get you your loot.
Prizes will be awarded / sent out Monday, June 15th. (we must have your files)
Thanks & Congrats once again!


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  1. […] Twitter page where the winning backgrounds will be rotated, and here’s the contest results announcement from their blog. If you are not already a member of the used-book-trading website PaperbackSwap.com […]

  2. Congrats Everyone!!!!

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