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Upgraded Features: Newsletter – September 2008

Update to the Bulk Request feature. Upgraded feature.  Now when a member adds a book to the request she or he has submitted to you, you will be told that you need to reprint the wrapper to include all of the books.  This will make everything much clearer, and make it easier to send multiple books in one shipment to save postage.  No need to read more about this feature; it makes everything simpler and you don’t have to do anything to use it–it will work automatically.

Push a Book. New last month, but hey! we don’t think members noticed this. You can now suggest a book to a Buddy that she or he might like to read. The Suggest option is available from the dropdown menu under More Options on the Book Details page.   You can see all the books that have been suggested to you in a new My Lists item in the menu under My Account; you can order from there (this will order from the suggester, if the book is on the suggester’s bookshelf when you click the Order this Book button on the suggestion), and you can also click “Not Interested” to remove any item from the list.  Check it out!  Read more about the Suggest a Book feature here.

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