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Where in the World is Waldo . . . and Ralph . . . and Susie . . . and James . . . Newsletter – July 2005

Receiving books can be so much fun. Many members equate it to being like Christmas every time they open their mailbox and find a book. Wouldn’t it be great to see where all your ‘presents’ are coming from? Now you can with our new Maps feature. Not only does it show where and who the books are coming from, the maps also show where your books have been sent and to whom. By clicking on the dots you can view more information about the members, including their list of books, their wish lists and their public profiles if they have one. Yet another great reason for every member to have a Public Profile!

In addition to tracking specific books, we’ve also plotted a map to show which cities in the United States have PaperBackSwap members. It’s amazing to see the growth of the club. We even have members in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. If you see an area without a dot, we challenge you to find a way to fill it with a new member.

As always, we encourage you to communicate with us whenever you have any ideas, suggestions or needs with the club. As of this evening, we proudly offer 59,551 titles, and with our members’ help, we continue to stand on our belief that this is absolutely “The Best Book Club in America!”

Best Wishes and Happy Reading,
The PaperBackSwap Team


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