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Wish List 2.0 The New & Improved Wish List 2.0 Has Arrived! Newsletter – September 2005

The Wish List feature has recently been updated to meet the growing needs of our club members. What we like to call it Wish List 2.0 which has many changes from the previous version.

When you are searching for a book and it is not available in the main library, you are given an option to add that particular book to your Wish List. Keep in mind that you should never place a book on your Wish List unless you are ready and willing to request it when it becomes available. This helps to minimize the disappointment of members when their books are wished for – but not requested. You can even select to automatically request any book on your wish list by turning on the auto request. Simply click ‘yes’ on the Auto Request option for each book you would like to automatically request when it is available. That way you won’t miss your chance to get any book on your Wish List.

If you are the first person to wish for a particular book, then you will be first in line to be offered the book when it is posted. The next person who adds it to their Wish List will be second, and so on.

When a member posts a book to the system that is on the Club’s Wish List, the first person in line for the book will be notified and given first chance at requesting it. If they do not respond within 48 hours, then the book is passed on to the next person in line. This process is repeated until all members who have the book on their Wish List are given a chance to request the book. If none of the members who had the book on their Wish List request it, then the book is placed in the main library for any and all members to request.

Important Note: If you have a book on your Wish List, and you do not request it when it is offered to you, this book will be taken off your Wish List and placed on your Reminder List. Because you made a decision not to request the book at the time it was offered to you, you cannot add it back to your Wish List until the newly posted book has been requested by someone else. This policy makes sure that the member posting the book has the best opportunity of having another member request their book.


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