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Wish List Reminder: Newsletter – June 2006

Some members continue to cancel Wish List offers frequently, despite our admonitions to tidy up their Wish Lists to be sure items listed there are ones that are still wished-for. The occasional Wish List cancel is not a problem; but some folks—and you know who you are!—cancel far too often. This is inconsiderate to the Wishing members in line behind you, who have to wait for the book to be offered to them, as well as to the members who post WL items and have to wait through several “declines” before they can send out their book offer. Please take a few minutes to look over your Wish Lists, and if you are one of the members who have not cut your WL down yet, the time is coming soon when the system will do this for you! The limit is 200 items—you don’t want the PBS computer to choose which items are moved to your Reminder List, do you? We didn’t think so! Thanks to those who have trimmed their Wish Lists already—we know this was painful, but it’s beneficial to the club as a whole and we appreciate your efforts!


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