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Women’s Fiction Review – Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger


Review by Kelsey O.


Andrea Sachs has finally gotten what she wanted. She is the editor of her own wedding magazine, The Plunge, which she started with her former adversary, Emily. She is married to the son of a media mogul, Max. Max is also the biggest investor in Andy’s magazine which has now caught the eye of Andy and Emily’s old boss, the devil herself, Miranda Priestly.

From the beginning the reader knows this is going to be a bit dramatic, especially if you read the first book. It starts with Andy’s wedding when she finds a note from her husband’s mother urging him not to marry Andy (that has to suck finding out your mother-in-law hates you) and that he ran into his ex during his bachelor party. What does Andy do about this…obsesses…forever. Then Andy discovers she is pregnant.

Her pregnancy is enough for Andy to stall Emily from selling to their former boss but the time is coming to end and Andy must make a decision. About her magazine and about her “perfect” life. She does not want Miranda back in their life and she doesn’t understand why Emily is obsessed with having Miranda as a boss again.

This is when the story takes another weird twist and since I don’t want to spoil for those haven’t read it yet I will keep it minimal in details. Let’s just say all of a sudden someone that seems supportive is now the villain and friendships all around start to deteriorate…fast.

Not one of my favorite books I will admit. At times it was entertaining (especially when Miranda was on scene) and at other times I just found Andy needed an attitude adjustment. She usually just made the situation worse. All in all it is an entertaining read and if you enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada you will enjoy this one too.








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