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You’ve Been PM’d! Newsletter – December 2005

Doesn’t it just bring a smile to your face when you see that you have a new PM? The PBS Personal Message feature has opened the lines of communications for so many members. Many of you have used this feature to send a note of thanks or suggestions for new book reads or ideas for wrapping books. Occasionally, there is a wrong book sent or a question about a request. By PMing another member, you help answer questions before they become problems, thus cutting back on all the feedback that we must address daily. Thanks to all of our great members for using this feature!

New changes coming to PM:
Soon you’ll be able to keep a permanent record of PMs sent to you. In the future, you will be able to download PMs to your computer. Your account will hold the last 60 days of communications. Should you wish to keep a record of past messages, you’ll be able to simply download them for your records.

Also coming will be Conversation Progression. This means that when you receive a PM from another member that you’ve previously PM’d, it will have the prior communication attached. Now you can remember what you’re both talking about!


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